Friday, 13 January 2017

CCNR Spokesman Urges S. Korean Authorities to Stop Confrontation Moves

 Pyongyang, January 12 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Consultative Council for National Reconciliation (CCNR) Thursday made public a statement as regards the confrontation racket and war frenzy being kicked up by the south Korean authorities from the outset of the new year.
    Denouncing the south Korean authorities' reckless act as an intolerable mockery of the good faith and magnanimity shown by the DPRK out of patriotism and a blatant challenge to the desire and wish of the nation, the statement clarified the following principled stand of the DPRK:
    The south Korean authorities should sincerely look back on the outcome of their persistent policy of confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north and make a fresh start with a decisive resolution to break with the wrong past.
    They should not brand our principled stand as a "sleight of hand to shift over the responsibility for the stalemate of the south-north ties" and "typical unification front offensive", but stop senseless act of faulting the DPRK's Juche-oriented measures for bolstering defence capabilities and groundlessly slandering the most advantageous Korean-style socialism under the pretexts of "provocation" and "human rights".
    They had better do what they should do, though belatedly. understanding that their policy for confrontation with the fellow countrymen is a foolish act and their act will only invite their own ruin.
    The south Korean authorities should bear in mind that sycophancy toward the U.S. is not a way out for keeping their remaining days.
    They should get awakened from the silly and ill-minded illusion that they can survive only in reliance on the U.S.
    They should make a switchover in its policy, not by "denuclearization of the north" but by denuclearization of the U.S., and seek a way out in anti-U.S. struggle, not in pro-U.S. acts.
    The south Korean authorities should immediately respond to the north's patriotic proposal for mending the inter-Korean relations and opening an avenue to independent reunification.
    They should promptly stop any act of going against the desire of the nation and challenging the wishes of the times.
    They should clearly understand that it is the wisest act and the ultimate option to hold hands of good faith and magnanimity held out by the DPRK out of its desire to join efforts in the road of reunification, not asking about the wrong past.
    If the south Korean authorities continuously resort to the confrontation racket and war moves going against the aspiration and demand of the nation and the trend of the times, they can never escape the severe punishment by the nation. -0-

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