Thursday, 12 January 2017

Contribution of Dr Dermot Hudson to the International E Seminar "General KIM JONG UN and Today's Korea"

 This year, 2017, will see the 105th birth anniversary of the great leader year 2017 marks the 105th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung, the 75th birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il and the 5th anniversary of Marshal Kim Jong Un's election to the top posts of the party and state of the DPRK. It will also be the 100th anniversary of the birth of the immortal anti-Japanese women heroine Madame Kim Jong Suk who was the pioneer of the Juche-orientated women’s liberation movement.
  President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Il and Marshal Kim Jong Un are the great generals of Mt Paektu whose exploits will shine brightly as long as the earth exists.
The Juche Idea followers, Songun idea followers, world progressives, socialists and communists look forward to these anniversaries with pride and joy and greatly revere the great leaders of Korea. Today all the eyes of the world are on Korea which is the flashpoint of world politics because it is here that socialism and imperialism confront each other with guns levelled. Today the US imperialists and other international reactionaries such as the British imperialists and their reactionary Tory government of Theresa May are going to greater extremes in trying to stifle People’s Korea the citadel of independence and the only true socialist country in the whole world. Celebrating the anniversaries of the great generals of Mt Paektu is a meaningful way of showing solidarity with People’s Korea and defying the imperialists’ moves to isolate and stifle the DPRK under various wrongful pretexts.
President Kim Il Sung was the greatest of great leaders. He led the anti-imperialist national liberation struggle of the Korean people against Japanese imperialism and won independence for the Korean people. They became masters of their own destiny .President Kim Il Sung authored the Juche Idea the acme of progressive ideas of humanity.
 President Kim Il Sung founded the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the homeland of Juche and cradleland of the people’s bliss. He founded the Workers’ Party of Korea, the supreme general staff of the Korean revolution, the organiser and guide of the Korean people. Also he founded the Korean People’s Army the stalwart sentential of Juche-based socialism.
Throughout his life President Kim Il Sung was a tireless fighter against US imperialism and also against modern revisionism. President Kim Il Sung was a true internationalist who sent internationalist assistance to many lands of the world including Cuba, Egypt, Vietnam and many other countries.
President Kim Il Sung was indeed a giant of the international communist movement and its elder statesman. The late comrade Fidel Castro Ruz supreme leader of the Cuban revolution said of President Kim Il Sung “one of the most eminent, outstanding, heroic leaders of socialism.”
President Kim Il Sung established an advanced socialist system in Korea centred upon the popular masses making Korea into the model country of socialism. He declared that “the people are my God “ and made sure that the people were put first in everything . The DPRK has neither unemployment nor homelessness and everyone enjoys the rights to free health care, free education etc.
The cause of the great leader President Kim Il Sung  , the Juche revolutionary cause was carried forward by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il whose Songun revolutionary leadership spanned some 51 years
Chairman Kim Jong Il developed in depth and systematised the Juche idea .  In 1982 he authored the immortal treatise  “ON THE JUCHE IDEA “ and a number of other important works on the Juche idea  built up the Workers Party of Korea as the party of the great leader President Kim Il Sung .
 Chairman Kim Jong Il , another general of Mt Paektu started the Songun –based revolutionary leadership  in 1960 and administered  Songun politics thereby thwarting the schemes of the US imperialists to stifle People’s Korea militarily and make its people slaves of modern colonialism.
Saying  “Expect No Change from me” he made sure that Korea held high the Red flag of socialism when socialism collapsed owing to the treachery of the modern revisionists. He rebuffed those who urged the so-called “reform “ and “opening up”
Under the leadership of the great leader Chairman Kim Jong Il the DPRK became a proud independent nuclear power as well as a satellite launching nation.
  The Songun revolutionary cause and Juche revolutionary cause of the great leaders President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il is today continued by the dear respected leader Marshal Kim Jong Un, the Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea and Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un who embodies the true Paektu spirit  is the great successor to the Juche revolutionary cause who is identical to the great leaders President Kim Il Sung and Chairman
 Kim Jong Il.
  Dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un has made People’s Korea into the militant fortress of anti-imperialism. It can be said that the DPRK is the most anti-US country in the world and that dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un  is the leader that the US imperialists fear the most.
Under the leadership of the great respected leader Marshal Kim Jong Un  the DPRK has successfully carried out three nuclear tests and made big advances in ballistic missile technology. In March 2013 respected Marshal Kim Jong Un put forward the line of developing the economy and nuclear force in  parallel.  He has exerted great efforts to speed up socialist construction and improve people’s living standards.
  Visiting the DPRK in 2015 and 2016 I could see the fruit of this policy, new buildings , new complexes and whole new streets that would cost billions to build in the West have been completed. All sorts of new state of the art leisure facilities such as the Rungna People’s Pleasure Park and the Munsu Water Park have come into being .
 Dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un has put forward the great self-development first idea  an application of the great Juche idea and the spirit of self-reliance. The self-development first idea is enabling the Korean people to smash the unjust sanctions of the imperialists.
Without a doubt dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un is another great leader of the Mt Paektu mould  !
Let us meaningfully celebrate the anniversaries of the great generals of Mt Paektu !

Dr Dermot Hudson
President Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
Chairman UK Korean Friendship Association.

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