Saturday, 21 January 2017

Answering "Destination Tips " and others on travel to the DPRK

More nonsense and lies from the DPRK bashers . Apparently a travel website "Destination Tips " said that Pyongyang is one of the 11 worst travel destinations (along with Skegness it seems) this rubbish was then repeated by the "Daily Mirror" . No evidence was put forward as to why Pyongyang is such a bad place to visit . The capital of socialist Korea was put in a category along with Kiev, Port Au Prince and Mogadishu ! A most ridiculous and absurd comparison.
  Myself and many KFA members have visited Pyongyang and in my case 12 times . Pyongyang is the best holiday destination . It has no crime . There are no riots .There is no pollution , no noisy aircraft or police helicopters flying over head. In fact one of the most calmest atmospheres in the world. Pyongyang is safe for women as the DPRK is does not have the sexual culture of Western countries .Having a guide actually helps and makes visiting more easier , whereas in other countries you are left to fend for yourself , sink or swim basically. 
 Price of commodities are very cheap you can buy a bottle of beer for less than one Euro . The Korean people are very hospitable and you are well looked after. What more could you want ! Do not believe the lies of "Destination Tips" go and visit the DPRK for yourself !

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