Monday, 23 January 2017

Modernized Pyongyang Cornstarch Factory

The Pyongyang Cornstarch Factory, a large-scale foodstuff processing base has been excellently reconstructed in keeping with the requirement of knowledge-based economy and the appearance of socialist civilized nation.
The officials, scientists, technicians and workers of this factory set up a bold and audacious standard to make the factory permeated with the history of love for the people of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il a leading foodstuff base, struggling for its accomplishment and achieving great success in completing the vast modernization project.
What is most remarkable in its modernization it produces sugar from home-grown maize.
The factory has perfectly established the modern production processing to process maize by an industrial method to produce various sugar, so as to strengthen the Juche character of foodstuff industry.
It has also introduced the strict quality control system and realized to make all the production processes including maize processing and those of millet jelly, okdang sugar, cake and sweets and automated, streamlined, sterilized and dust-free on a high level, so as to save the labor as much as possible as well as boost the production ability radically and ensure the sanitary safety completely.
It has set up the process to produce maize oil and animal feed by making use of by-product obtained in the maize processing.
What is noteworthy in the factory’s modernization is that over 95 percent of its equipment are homemade.
Besides ultramodern equipment at the general analysis room, it has fully set up production process of from raw material feeding to products packing with latest homemade equipment to accomplish domestic production line of the Party.
Marshal Kim Jong Un who visited the Pyongyang Cornstarch Factory on June 15 Juche 105(2016) was so satisfied, saying that they have boldly carried out vast and difficult modernization project relying on their own efforts and technology.
The success of the factory is now a noble example achieved in the battle to create self-development upholding the slogan of Juche-orientation.

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