Wednesday, 25 January 2017

KCNA Commentary Ridicules S. Korean Puppet Forces' Solicitation Diplomacy

Pyongyang, January 25 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet forces, mired in troubles at home and abroad, are clinging to the coattail of their American master more tightly.
    They flocked to the U.S. for the presidential inauguration where they hinted those concerned of the new administration at "diplomatic and security policy coordination", called for "cooperation in putting pressure on the north over its nukes" and went clumsy to curry favor with their master.
    This is a humiliating act of the pro-U.S. lackeys keen on prolonging their remaining days by clinging to the U.S., chieftain of aggression and plunder which inflicted all sorts of misfortune and pain on the Korean nation, clean indifferent to the good faith shown by the fellow countrymen in the north to improve the north-south relations.
    The puppet forces, barely managing their living amid censure and denunciation by the south Korean public, are caught in extreme uneasiness being cold-shouldered even by neighboring countries.
    What they are concerned most is the policy of the new U.S. administration towards the DPRK.
    They are talking about "alliance" with the U.S. in a bid to give impression that they have independence but it is just to cover up their true nature as a poor colonial stooge whose politics, economy and even military are all dependent on their American master.
    The U.S. considers the south Korean puppet forces as major stooges for executing its strategy for encircling and deterring its potential rivals in Northeast Asia by force of arms.
    The puppet forces are dragged this way or that way by the U.S. and neighboring big powers, thus intensifying contradictions and conflicts between the U.S. and those big powers.
    Now the U.S. regards south Korea as a harassing and vexing entity little short of an empty Kimchi jar.
    That's why the puppet forces are shamelessly behaving to win favor of the U.S. in fear that the "alliance" and framework of "cooperation for pressure on the north" which they had kept with the previous U.S. administration would shake after the emergence of the new one.
    It is by no means accidental that foreign media commented that south Korea is never in an equal partnership with the U.S., and that south Korea has unilateral obligation toward the U.S. and that is to cooperate with the U.S. in carrying out its Northeast Asia strategy.
    It is a lesson and truth of history drawn by the Korean nation through life experience that sycophancy and dependence on foreign forces lead to national ruin.
    The puppet forces, who are soliciting cooperation in the campaign to stifle their fellow countrymen, still pinning hope on foreign forces, not yet coming to their senses despite the burning shame sustained by it everywhere, should be thrown overboard at an early date. -0-

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