Thursday, 12 January 2017

More unjust sanctions on People's Korea !

So the Yankee imperialists have slapped more sanctions on People's Korea for alleged and unproven "human rights " abuses. The DPRK State Planning Commission and DPRK Ministry of Labour have been sanctioned. Also a number of individuals including Ms Kim Yo Jong a vice-director of a department of the Workers' Party of Korea. Apparently this is all because the US alleges that the DPRK keep 120,000 in prison camps (this figure is based on "estimates " from "defectors rather than real proven statistics ). This is denied by the DPRK and even if it was true it is less than one tenth of the 2,000,000 prisoners that the US has . It would mean an incarceration rate of 0.51 compared to actual incarceration rate of 0.91 in the US. Shouldn't the US be sanctioning itself

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