Saturday, 7 January 2017

Improvement of North-south Relations Is Starting Point for Peace and Reunification

Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the Korean nation and lodestar of national reunification, stressed in his new year address for 2017 that positive measures should be taken to improve inter-Korean relations, avoid acute military confrontation and remove the danger of war between north and south.
Now the Korean nation strongly demands to heal the icy relations between the north and the south of Korea.
The north and south of Korea are at a critical point in bilateral relationship. The current inter-Korean relationship has only political and military showdown without any dialogue and cooperation. No one can vouch that chilly inter-Korean relations would not go over to actual war.
In his new year address, the respected supreme leader pointed out that any politician, if he or she remains a passive onlooker to the current deadlock between the two sides, can neither claim to be fully discharging his or her responsibility and role for the nation nor enjoy public support.
The key issue in mending inter-Korean relationship is to remove the south Korean authorities’ inter-Korean confrontational policy.
Every manner of abuses and slanders aimed at offending the other party and inciting confrontation cannot be justified on any account, and an immediate stop should be put to the malicious smear campaign and other acts of hostility towards the DPRK, all designed for the overthrow of its system and any other "change."
Last year the south Korean authorities have made frantic efforts to escalate inter-Korean confrontation in league with foreign forces from the outset of the year, vociferating about “north Korea’s change through international cooperation”.
The Park Geun-hye clique has conducted preemptive nuclear war games against the DPRK with the US and had shuttered the Gaeseong Industrial Park, the last symbol of inter-Korean cooperation, as part of sanctions against the latter, clamoring about the DPRK’s measure for self-defensive nuclear deterrence and legitimate space development as “breach of UN Security Council resolutions”.
It fabricated draconian laws such as “north Korean human rights act” and the "anti-terrorism law" to undermine the DPRK.
In consequence, inter-Korean ties were at the lowest ebb and the situation on the Korean Peninsula reached to an extreme pitch of strain.
Outdated confrontational policy pursued by the south Korean authorities should be removed without delay.
The massive anti-"government" action spreading far and wide was an outburst of pent-up grudge and indignation against the south Korean conservative regime that had been resorting to confrontation with their compatriots, while deteriorating inter-Korean ties and escalating the danger of nuclear war.
The Korean nationals in the north, south and abroad will make this year a meaningful year of a new phase in independent reunification by stepping up a nationwide grand march towards reunification through the concerted effort of the nation.

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