Monday, 23 January 2017

The First Heroes Turning Misfortunes into Blessing

The last of August Juche 105(2016) people in North Hamgyong Province suffered a disaster by flood and storm coming to northern part of the DPRK.
The WPK appealed to win the miraculous victory of turning misfortunes into blessing by great power of uniting around the Workers’ Party of Korea.
There was a news enveloping the whole country seething excitement and agitation in the historical period when the battle to safeguard people, the battle to serve people was under the way with miracles and creations by highly upholding the WPK’s call in fronts of flood-hit areas in northern part.
Marshal Kim Jong Un called tens of thousands-odd members of the Children’s Union in North Hamgyong Province who lost their schools, houses and parents by flood to the Songdowon international Children’s Camp.
The front-line trains going to the all areas of north by minutes stopped for camping trains and doctors from the Okryu Children’s Hospital went to Songdowon for treatment of children’s health by an express train.
Camping children’s merry laughter echoed endlessly in an aquarium, a mirror cage, indoor stadium, a video games room and outdoor playground thanks to the officials, leading teachers and employees of the camp.
Everyone could see the children were happy with their birthday-tables in the restaurant that led out of the cooking practice room.
Children had a sea-bath in Songdowon and all kinds of camping activities including exhibition of tact, competition of find-out, boy sports tournament.
Camping Children went up the mountains of Masikryong and looked down slopes and its ranges stretched long and had colorful trip by cableway.
The schoolchildren who were full of emotion and happiness went up the top of mountains of Masikryong and sang loudly a song of “Marshal Kim Jong Un is our father.” and “We are the happiest in the world.” as they looked up at the sky of Pyongyang.
A schoolgirl from Kangson Senior Middle School who lost her father wrote in a diary as follows:
I won’t cry anymore. Because Marshal Kim Jong Un is our father and our house is Party’s bosom.”
The world people who were full with emotion said that first heroes turning misfortunes into blessing is the just those who camped at twice in the Songdowon International Children’s camping.

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