Wednesday, 2 March 2016

DPRK Zoologist Satirizes Park Geun Hye

Pyongyang, March 2 (KCNA) -- Pak Ryo Un, DPRK zoologist, made public an article titled "Ugly female bat-disgrace as the worst traitor".
    The article said Koreans satirize Park Geun Hye as a tailless bitch of Chongwadae but the DPRK zoologists say that she has the similar mode of existence to a bat, when viewed in the light of her acts of treachery.
    The article noted she might have the same surname and the same family origin as the bat in every aspect and her appearance resembles the ugly look of the bat.
    The thrice-cursed acts she has done so far were prompted by her same deformed mode of existence as that of the bat, the article noted, satirizing her behavior:
    She behaved like a bat which lives in such dingy place as cave. Upon hearing the news of the DPRK's successful first H-bomb test, she hastily ran down to the bunker of Chongwadae, unaware that the waistband of her skirt slipped down and her shoes came off, stunning even her confidants.
    When the Supreme Command of the Korean People's Army declared in its crucial statement that it would blow up Chongwadae as its primary target, Park reportedly hurried down to an underground bunker.
    Park cannot be called otherwise than a female bat as she sees everything from a twisted point of view, seized with inveterate repugnancy toward the compatriots in the north and a bad habit of kowtowing to the U.S.
    Her behavior reminds one of a fable about a bat forsaken by both birds and mammals while seeking self-interest only.
    Yesterday she swished her skirt to flatter the U.S. to prolong her dirty remaining days, fawns upon China today and is going to kowtow to Japan tomorrow, with her wrinkled face powdered and her skinny body twisted.
    This makes even a cat laugh.
    When her masters U.S. and Japan said no to the "south Korea-China new friendly relationship" about which Park advertised so much, she whimsically cried out for deployment of THAAD and sharply criticized China.
    This is a convincing proof of the fact that any deal with the female bat entails serious consequences.
    The "balanced diplomacy" of Park Geun Hye-style focused on interests turned out to be a shameful diplomacy, hit hard from all sides, and "humiliating diplomacy" reflecting the will of her master be a suicidal diplomacy as it would bring south Korea economic loss to the tune of 17 trillion won.
    Bat is said to die in the dreary cave, its body hanging down.
    It is self-evident that she is destined to meet the same death in the bunker of Chongwadae as her father Park Chung-Hee who was shot to death by his confidant in the underground restaurant at pitch-dark night as she has committed so many crimes to be cursed by the people. -0

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