Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Press Release of Australia-DPRK Society

오스트리아 - 조선민주주의인민공화국친선문화

Australia - DPRK
Friendship and Cultural Society

Neil Fitzgerald Raymond Ferguson
President Secretary

Press Release
1st March 2016

US War Drums Threaten Peace
On the Korean Peninsula

Once again the beat of the US Military War Drums can be heard on the Korean Peninsula. The beat of these war drums are a result of US military forces and its allies including Australia and New Zealand launching their annual war games known as “Foal Eagle” and “Key Resolve.” These military exercises which are conducted annually and increases the risk of war on the Korean peninsula are design as a rehearsal for an invasion of North Korea.

This year these military exercises are unprescented in terms of being the biggest military force ever assembled off the Korean coast for the annual military exercises.

Thousands of US troops supported by thousands of ally troops and other military personnel have assembled on the Korean peninsula with their weapons of death and mass destruction causing high tension and threatening world peace.

As well as doubling the number of troops and other military personnel the US has despatch an aircraft carrier fleet, a submarine fleet including nuclear attack submarines. B52, B-2 bombers and F-22 stealth fighters. As part of invasion rehearsal plan US B52 Bombers and B2 Stealth Nuclear Bombers have carried out a nuclear drill over the west sea of Korea

Almost daily the western media accuses the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) of being the aggressor of threatening peace on the Korean

Peninsula of being a rogue state. Their wild accusations and bias do not stand the test of truth.

The facts are that the DPRK does not have a military pact with any other country, it does not carry out military exercises with any other country and it does not have one military personnel stationed outside of its own territorial borders. “Whence the Threat to Peace”

For over sixty years peace on the Korean peninsula has held together by the Armistice Agreement that ended the Korean War. In accordance with the principles of the Armistice Agreement the DPRK has put forward numerous proposals to convert the Armistice Agreement into a genuine peace agreement and to establish normal relations with the USA.

The Australian Government by involving Australia’s military forces in these aggressive war games on the Korean peninsula are acting against the best interests of Australia working class and the vast majority of the Australian people.

We demand that the Australian Government in the interest of peace and diplomatic relations with the DPRK to immediately withdraw all of our military forces from any war games or military exercises on the Korean peninsula. Furthermore we call on the trade unions and other progressive forces to add their weight to this demand.

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