Friday, 11 March 2016

Second war games to occupy north Korea

The trigger-happy forces of US and south Korea launched joint military drills Key Resolve and Foal Eagle 16 from March 7 to create the touch-and-go situation in the Korean Peninsula, despite strong domestic and foreign rebuff and denunciation.
The joint military drills are risky act that seriously disturb peace on the Korean Peninsula and threaten stability of the Northeast Asian region.
It is the largest-ever war exercises involving 27 000-strong US troops, 300 000-strong south Korean army, troops from its satellite nations and nuclear war hardware of various kinds.
The fact of application of OPLAN 5015 aiming at removing the supreme leadership of the DPRK and "bringing down" its social system lays bare its color of aggression and belligerency.
The main purpose of the military drills is to mount a preemptive strike on strategic facilities in north Korea. In a word, it is going to launch a preemptive strike on the DPRK leadership, major commanding posts, missile bases and nuclear facilities.
The belligerent forces at home and abroad threw off even the deceptive mask "annual and defensive ones, while trumpeting about preemptive strike on north Korea and military pressure on north Korea.
The exercises lend wings to icy inter-Korean relations.
The military drills would inevitably drive inter-Korean ties to the brink of war. The south Korean cliques military games with in league with the US, regardless of inter-Korean relations, is a heinous act of putting the nations destiny on the altar of inter-Korean confrontation.
A religious organization of south Korea waged a protest in front of the US embassy in Seoul on March 1, burning an American flag.
The religionists kindled the US flag, chanting US, infringing on the national sovereignty, get out of south Korea at once!
The South Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration held a press conference in Seoul on March 7 to denounce risky US-south Korean joint military exercises.
It criticized south Korea and the US repeated statement of leaflet scattering along the Military Demarcation Line during the days of the drills, while clamoring about decapitation operationand exercise for occupying Pyongyang.
The risky acts seriously pose threat to security of the nation as it would foment military clashes.
The military clashes on the Korean Peninsula would impose unspeakable suffering upon the Korean nation so that they should do their best to deter it, the organization noted.
It strongly demanded an immediate halt to those war rehearsals and roll back its hostile policy towards north Korea.
A south Korean civic organization held a rally in Seoul on March 5.
They censured the US and south Koreas reckless military maneuvers, putting up placards written Stop war exercise!, Peace is public welfare Conclusion of Peace treaty! and Oppose to the Park regime!

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