Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Unfortunate plight of south Korean women

When the International Womens Day comes round every year, south Korean women feel a boundless yearning towards north Korea women who enjoy happy and worthwhile life under the warm care of supreme leader Kim Jong Un who is identical to President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who opened a fresh history of respecting for the women.
Now majority south Korean women regard it is hard to bring up their children owing to economic debacle, high educational and fostering expenses.
The number of south Korean women who throw their own lives with her children, pessimistic about hard living, is on the daily increase. 
Unable to supporting her family, a woman living in Seoul committed suicide with her two daughters and a woman in her thirties threw herself from the fifteen-storied apartment with her child in 2014 alone.  
The women employment rate records the lowest and that two thirds of women workers are part-timers. Seventy percent women workers are working under miserable condition and average wage of the woman worker is no more than that of a man worker.
Many women are suffering misfortune and pains in south Korea where immorality and depravity are rampant.
As sexual violence are reported in an unbroken chain, the south Korean people are deploring that the assault against children and women are frequent and the society is chaotic, the parents with daughters are under consistent fear.  
About 1.25 million south Korean women have descended to prostitutes.
The people of every degree are describing south Korea as the land with the lowest status of woman and a hub of discrimination against women and desert of women dignity.
The above-mentioned facts show that the genuine human rights and happy life of the south Korean women are hard to expect as long as the south Korean reactionary ruler remains in office.

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