Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Spirit of National and Revolutionary Defense

Korean people all together rose up in the 70-day campaign on the occasion of the 7th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea.
The crucial statement of the Supreme Headquarters of the Korean People’s Army was issued on February 23, Juche 105(2016).
Revealing the heinous preemptive strike of US imperialists and south Korean puppets who are about to make the DPRK’s system “collapse” through the “beheading operation” targeting its supreme leadership, the Supreme Headquarters of the Korean People’s Army clarified the principal stand reflecting their will to take a thousand-fold revenge upon the enemies.
It also elucidated that from this moment all the powerful strategic and tactical strike means of DPRK’s revolutionary armed forces would launch into a just and preemptive operation to hold in check in advance the enemy’s special operation forces and equipment to be committed to the “beheading operation” and “tweezers strike” in case there is a slight sign of their movement and fixed primary and second targets.
After the crucial statement of the Supreme Headquarters of the Korean People’s Army was issued, for two days officials, working youth, university and high school students of 1 500 000 with ardent patriotic loyalty and will to smash enemies volunteered for service in the People’s Army.
University and high school students with one another decided to seize arms of defense of the country and revolution.
Not only discharged soldiers in the factories and farms but also many officials of Party and Youth League made a petition to return to the Korean People’s Army.
Watching the enemies’ maneuvers very closely, today Korean people who seized a rifle in one hand and a hammer, sickle and brush in the other perform a miracle and innovation in the 70-day campaign of loyalty to celebrate the WPK’s 7th Congress as a glorious meeting of victors everyday.

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