Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Youth Shock Brigade Assisting at Night

There are many patriotic efforts displaying in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea that 70-day campaign is under way.
Youth in the DPRK are devoting their patriotic sweat for the prosperity of the country without expecting any reward and honor, doing their work in day and visiting the building sites of their own choice at night.
Youth volunteers form a shock brigade and are in action in also the building site of the reconstruction of Kim Il Sung Stadium at the foot of the Moran Hill in Pyongyang, the capital of the DPRK.
The builders are waging a struggle day and night to finish the building of the reconstruction of Kim Il Sung Stadium and present it to the 7th Party Congress as the fruits of their labour during the 70-day campaign that the Workers’ Party of Korea called for.
Students as well as working youths are devoting their youthful ardors voluntarily coming to this building site after daily lecture and work with a patriotic feeling to add a spadeful of earth to the building of the national prosperity.
If the number of the members of the shock brigade was 500 on February 23, the first day of the 70-day campaign, there were over 1 000 in the next day.
There are not only youth in the building site.
People of all strata are coming to this place on their way back from the office and devoting their strength and enthusiasm.
So the Korean people are saying that the 70-day campaign is a battle of loyalty to celebrate the 7th Party Congress as a meeting of victories.

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