Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Insolvent Business Groups

The Park Geun-hye regime declared the total suspension of the operation in the Gaesong Industrial Park, called the gem of inter-Korean declaration and symbol of inter-Korean reconciliation and economic cooperation, on February 10.
By her imprudent action, over 120 business groups and 6 000 other groups related with the former are on the edge of bankruptcy.
She, describing the total suspension would be afflicting pain and harsh price to north Korea, has vociferated the sanctions affected north Korea, however, it is none other than many small and medium business groups of south Korea suffer economic difficulties.
Her declaration of total suspension with an eye to stifle north Korea drove the south Korean business groups in the Gaesong Industrial Park on the edge of bankruptcy and violated their right to live.
Now the south Korean business groups are pumping curses upon the south Korean authorities that drove them to a pit of ruin.
Experts on the economy described that the total suspension of the Gaesong Industrial Park would cause great damage to the south Korean economy and the peoples livelihood and direct and indirect damages would record a staggering amount.
The south Korean authorities deprived the people of their right to existence, supporting their families and educating their children to push them throw their lives.
The south Korean people of various circles strongly urge the south Korean authorities to resume the Gaesong Industrial Park, denouncing the authorities that plunge inter-Korean relations into a deadlock, strain the situation and their policy against the people.

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