Saturday, 19 March 2016

Three years riddled with all kinds of crimes (3)

Three years riddled with all kinds of crimes
Park Geun-hyes three year-long presidency is that of pursuing confrontational policy against north Korea under the cloak of trust.
From the outset of her tenure Park loudly advertised inter-Korean fence-mending, clamoring about trust-building process on the Korean Peninsula. However, it is a heinous confrontational policy designed to induce north Koreas change, disarm it and achieve wild ambition of system unification under the smokescreen of dialogue.
She, whenever inter-Korean dialogue and contact are held, has laid bare her confrontational color to reduce inter-Korean agreements to a mere sheet of paper.
Inter-Korean working contact was held in Panmunjom in June 2013 thanks to north Koreas sincere effort as the result inter-Korean authorities talks was planned to open in Seoul. However, she designated a chief delegate of the south side contrary to the agreement, thus the talks proved abortive.
Inter-Korean high-level contact, which led to adoption of historic agreement suspending mutual slander and calumny, was held in 2014. However, she pushed aside north Koreas sincerity and bedeviled inter-Korean relations by launching the largest-ever joint military rehearsals Key Resolve and Foal Eagle.
The Park group revealed its anti-reunification color that it has employed inter-Korean dialogue for inter-Korean confrontation and made desperate attempts to invade north Korea.
At the time, the Park regime committed willful political and military provocations, while trumpeting mine blasts of unknown origin and north Koreas shell fire. Their reckless moves created a volatile situation that a war may break out and frozen inter-Korean relations.
The Park clique totally denied historic inter-Korean declarations, clamoring for adherence to the principle and maintenance of principles. she has worked hard to advertise trust-building process on the Korean Peninsula, initiative for peace in the northeast Asia and Dresden declaration condemned at home and abroad to beg for cooperation during her junket to Washington and other nations.
Her anti-national and reunification moves are becoming more pronounced from the new year.
She reacted so psychopathically to the DPRKs recent successful H-bomb test and launch of the earth observation satellite, declared the total closure of the Gaesong Industrial Park and cooked up anti-terrorism law and north Korean human rights act.
The Park regime, which has put a damper on demand of the Korean nation desirous of inter-Korean reconciliation, peace and reunification, will have to pay a thousand-fold dearer price for intolerable acts.

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