Tuesday, 29 March 2016

70-Day Campaign in the DPRK

At the very beginning of the New Year Juche 105(2016) the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea had the inaugural ceremony of Sci-Tech Complex and brought about the great successes and events including the successful launch of the earth observation satellite Kwangmyongsong-4.
Korean people are full of enthusiasm to achieve the great and world-shaking successes and fruits in spirit of constant innovation and continued progress.
The Workers’ Party of Korea was given a tremendous boost from revolutionary enthusiasm of Korean people exalting in all the area for the building of a thriving nation and called upon all the people to wage the 70-day campaign with the approach of the historic Seventh Party Congress.
WPK called for waging the 70-day campaign to overcome the difficulties for implementing the national economic plan in Juche 63(1974).
That’s why the production was 1.7 times greater than before and the national economic plan was overfulfilled.
It is the secret that the Party led to show popular heroism to the full with the ideology as the main line.
Continuously WPK brought about the great successes waging several campaigns including 100-day campaign greeting the 6th Congress of the WPK in Juche 69(1980), 200-day campaign to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of DPRK as a great festival of victors in Juche 77(1988) and 150-day campaign for the turning phase to build a thriving nation.
At that time WPK has served the people faithfully under the slogan “Serve the people!” and Koreans have supported the Party in their hearts with faith that we can do anything when the Party is determined.
WPK planned to complete a lot of the monumental creations and achieve the rapid successes in the period of 70-day campaign.
Koreans regard the days for 70-day campaign as days to make a loyal present to the 7th Congress of the Party.
Today Korean people are making all our charge keeping in mind the day when the fires are set off to celebrate the victory in the sky.

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