Monday, 21 March 2016

Response to blatant anti DPRK rubbish in Morning Star letters column

Another letter that the revisionist Morning Star refused to publish
Reading David Hanneman's ill-willed and vitriolic rant against People's Korea and my letter concerning Foal Eagle and Key Resolve  made me wonder about the allegiances and motivations of some people. Also the title of the letter 'no sympathy with the northern devil' could have come straight out of the south Korean fascist puppet media or a Donald Trump speech !.
   Hanneman makes several references to fascism in his letter but then calls for those who support the DPRK to be banned from the letters column of the 'Morning Star '. Now this is fascism and McCarthyism. Some supporters of the DPRK and Korean Friendship Association have been subjected to witch hunting and victimisation for speaking out in support of the DPRK , I myself was forced out of a job that I held for 25 years because my employer ruled  that supporting the DPRK  was 'incompatible with employment at any level '. Now David Hanneman wants to have the same rule for the letters column . Shame on him , what a reactionary ! Maybe supporters of witch-hunts and McCarthyism should be banned from the letters column of the 'Morning Star'
   Both Hanneman and Rob Wells take issue with the socialist system of the DPRK. The DPRK is a true socialist country with a people-centred socialist system that provides full employment , free housing , free healthcare  and free education. The DPRK is one of the few countries that is actually confronting imperialism rather than collaborating with . Of course those blinded by revisionism and liberalism would indeed have difficulty in recognising the features of real socialism,
   It is patently absurd to speak of fascism in relation to the DPRK because the DPRK was founded as a result of the prolonged anti-fascist struggle of Korean communists led by comrade Kim Il Sung against Japanese imperialism one of the main shock brigades of international fascism.
    It is the allegiances of the likes of Hanneman and Wells  that need to be questioned as they appear to have a problem with the DPRK defending itself from US imperialism and other reactionaries. Clearly the allegiances of Hanneman and Wells are not to anti-imperialism and anti US struggle but to US , British and world imperialism ! Now is the time for all true socialists and anti-imperialists to rally around the DPRK , a bastion of true socialism and anti-imperialism ,which is facing an unprecedented asault on all fronts by US and world imperialism.An assault which is shamefully aided and abetted by certain big powers as well as by the fellow travellers of US imperialism elsewhere.

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