Saturday, 26 March 2016

Resume GIP

A protest action took place in the area around Rimjin Pavilion, Paju City, Gyeonggi Province of south Korea on March 16 to protest against the Park Geun-hye group of traitors which totally suspended the operation in the Gaesong Industrial Park. It was sponsored by the GIP Emergency Measure Committee.
Participating in it were employees of the enterprises that operated in the GIP and relevant ones and their family members, more than 1 000 in all.
Holding protest slogans, the participants expressed irrepressible anger at the Park group which caused enormous damage to south Korean businessmen and workers through a suicidal action.
They charged that entrepreneurs and relevant ones and over 124 000 persons were hit by the regime's step for shutting down the GIP.
They demanded the authorities not drive weak enterprises to a bottomless pitfall any longer but institute a special law on compensation and immediately make compensation to them.
Holding placards written "We want to work. Resume GIP!", the participants conducted a signature campaign and staged a demonstration.
On March 14 the Consultative Council of Working People of Kaesong Industrial Zone staged a demonstration at the Gwanghwamun Plaza in Seoul.

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