Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Three years riddled with all kinds of crimes (1)

Three years riddled with all kinds of crimes
It has been three years since Park Geun-hye took the presidency illegally in south Korea. Her three years in power were crime-woven days of treachery to the nation, breakdown of inter-Korean relationship and the destruction of democracy in south Korea.
She sold out the national dignity and interests to the US and put the south Koreans to shame. It is an anti-national crime to be settled.
When she won the presidency, she made a phone call to US President Obama by saying that she is glad to be with Obama during the tenure of her office. She visited the US as her first foreign junket to win his favor.
Even she asserted that she would maintain the balance her north Korean and foreign and security policies between the US.
In April 2014, when the south Korean people were still grieving over the calamitous Sewol disaster, Park Geun-hye invited US President Obama to Seoul and met him with warmth dressed in bright suit, sparking off the public dissatisfaction.
When the US ambassador to south Korea was attacked by a south Korean in March last year, she phoned him while on a foreign tour to express her sympathy. Back home, she made a beeline for the hospital where the US ambassador was to apologize to him for the failure in safeguarding.
She extended indefinitely the transfer of the right to command wartime operation scheduled in 2015 with the result south Korea has been reduced into a permanent colony and military base of the US.
She, trumpeting about “north Korea’s provocation and threat”, has introduced war hardware from the US under the pretext of responding it to launch war drills against north Korea in league with outside forces.
She left the south Korean economy to the tender mercy of the US monopoly capital by putting spur to opening of market.
Park, who is engrossed in treachery and keeping power by licking Uncle Sam’s heel, is a troublemaker and witch bringing only disaster to the Korean nation.

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