Friday, 18 March 2016

No mercy for spies and counter-revolutionaries!- a commentary by the ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA on the Warmbier case


On the 16th of March the DPRK sentenced one Otto Frederick Warmbier , an US resident, to 15 years of hard labour . Warmbier was charged under section 60 of the DPRK penal code.
   Warmbier who comes from a wealthy family in the US committed a dirty and despicable act in the DPRK of trying to harm and undermine the single-hearted unity of the people which is the basis of the socialist system of the DPRK. It was not an act of simple theft and vandalism nor a student prank as some try to portray it . It was a calculated and premediated act aimed at counter-revolutionary subversion. As Warmbier confessed it was carried out at the behest of the US intelligence services and anti-communist organisations in the US.
 Those that carry out hostile subversive acts intended to harm and eventually disrupt the socialist system of the DPRK or impinge on its sovereignty can expect to be dealt with severely. The DPRK will not allow anyone to smash up its achivements won at the cost of blood and sweat over many decades . Warmbier must do his time and pay the price for his crime against Juche-socialism.
   The sentence shows that the DPRK is carrying out the class struggle against the imperialists, reactionaries and all kinds of class enemies that try to violate the socialist system.
  DPRK justice is people's justice , DPRK justice is working class justice !
Smash the enemies of Juche-socialism  whoever they may be !

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