Friday, 18 March 2016

US imperialism's "15 point " plan for the overthrow of Juche socialism

This is clearly a '15 point plan ' for regime change in People's Korea . for the overthrow of the socialist system and the US colonisation of the northern half of Korea so that the US monopoly capitialists can plunder the resources of the DPRK such as rare earths.
It is also crazy for Kirby to talk about 'offering dialogue' which he is at the same time talking about putting the DPRK supreme leadership on trial. How can you have dialogue with someone you are trying to arrest and put in prison. Either this is duplicity by Kirby or the man has clearly gone off his trolley completely ! The likes of Kirby need to realise that the DPRK is not Yugoslavia where the imperialists toppled the legitmate government of Milosevic and kidnapped him and put him before a kangaroo cout . This wont work on the DPRK , they will fight back like tigers.
    The allegations of "human rights " violations are completely false . They are a part of a politically motivated conspiracy by the US and its cohorts to tarnish the image of Juche socialism and bring down socialism in the DPRK. I have visited the DPRK 10 times and never seen a forced labour or a prison . It is claimed there are hundreds of thousands of people held in camps in the DPRK , such camps would have to be massive and with a huge number of guards but I did not see such a thing in the DPRK countryside. Moreover the DPRK is very peaceful and calm you rarely see emergency vehicles rushing through the busy streets. If it what the imperialists say about "human rights " and " forced labour camps " in the DPRK is true, then you would say police or security personnel on the streets arresting many people and putting them in lorries to go to "labour camps " or "concentrations camps " but I saw no such thing happen !
    If the UN want to investigate someone why not invesitgate Judge Kirby himself , I am sure there are few skeletons lurking in the cupboard there . The UN special rapporteur for Human Rights in the DPRK M Darusman was in the Indonesian Golkar party , a fascist party associated with the Suharto regime in Indonesia which murdered 500,000 communsits and leftists in 1965.
Why does the UN investigate police killings in the USA or racism in the US ? What about the network of US secret prisons around the world ?What about the British army in northern Ireland in the prison. What about south Korean repression ?

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