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Victory is the Eternal Tradition of Korea

The DPRK’s victory in its confrontation with the U.S. started in the Korean War (1950-1953).
The U.S. threw into the war not only its crack three services, but armies of its 15 satellite countries, the south Korean puppet force and Japanese militarists, over 2 million strong in all.
Few of the wars fought by the U.S. over the past 200-odd years were as large as the Korean War in terms of armed force and military expenditure involved.
The Korean people, however, defended their sovereignty and dignity from such formidable adversary and inflicted the first crushing defeat on the U.S. which boasted of being the mightiest in the world.
The history of victory continues today, too.
1. “Pueblo” Incident
In January Juche 57(1968), the U.S. armed spy ship “Pueblo” was seized by seamen of the Korean People’s Army.
The U.S., however, was so shameless as to insist the “Pueblo” captured on the open sea and it did not commit a spying act and concentrated massive armed forces on the sea in front of Wonsan threatening the Korean cities will be bombed as “retaliation”.
Serious situation was created for breaking out war again at any moment.
The whole world was focusing on Korea with bated breath.
At this time President Kim Il Sung resolutely declared that the DPRK will retaliate for any “retaliation” of the US imperialists and return all-out war for all-out war.
Encouraged beyond bounds by pluck and grit of their leader the Korean people and army rose as one in a sacred battle for wiping out the enemy.
Started at this, the U.S. imperialists on December 23, Juche 57(1968) solemnly apologized at last for the Pueblo’s espionage acts and put a signature on a document guaranteeing that no U.S. ship would violate the territorial waters of the DPRK in the future.
Seeing a written apology, Johnson, the then U.S. president lamented; “It is the only apology the U.S. has recorded in history since it came into being.”
2. “EC-121” incident
On April 15, Juche 58(1969) the U.S. imperialists sent the large-sized spy plane “EC-121” into the territorial air of the DPRK and perpetrated espionage acts.
DPRK airmen immediately took off and shot it down in the air.
The U.S. clamored that the plane was shot down while conducting legitimate activity over the international waters and mobilized huge armed forces to “retaliate” the DPRK.
Chairman Kim Jong Il said U.S. imperialist aggressors could be left alive during the Korean War and the “Pueblo” incident and write surrender document, but if they recklessly pounce upon us this time, the Korean People’s Army should make them burnt to death like tiger moths.
Frustrated by the superb courage and pluck of Chairman Kim Jong Il and the thoroughgoing anti-U.S. spirit of the Korean people, the U.S. imperialist aggressors could not but pull out their forces.
3. Panmunjom Incident
On August 18, Juche 65(1976) another world-startling incident took place at Panmunjom of Korea.
After increasing massively modern military equipments and troops the U.S. imperialists made an intentional provocation by driving their scoundrels to the joint guard district and letting them chap trees there without approval for the clue of war.
When security officers of the Korean People’s Army demanded them discontinue the illegal act, they drove another scores of scoundrels who had stood by.
The security officers of the KPA dealt strong blows to them.
Frightened out of their senses, the enemies ran away all together.
Chairman Kim Jong Il pointed out that our side’s security officers at Panmunjom showed on practice the validity of the slogan “a-match-for-a-hundred” set forth by President Kim Il Sung.
He saw to it that citations were awarded to the combatants for their feats at Panmunjom.
Nearly at the same time Washington heard an elegy for two U.S. army officers who were killed at Panmunjom.
The funeral was attended by officials of the U.S. military and State Department.
Being driven into desperation the U.S. imperialists ordered all the aggressive armed forces in south Korea to hold a battle position saying the so called “retaliation” and threatened Korea.
Chairman Kim Jong Il said the enemies’ frantic war rackets showed not their mightiness, but, on the contrary, their weakness. If the enemies unleash a war, we should crush them at a blow and achieve the country’s reunification, the cherished desire of the nation.
The U.S. aggressive plan to launch a lightning military offensive finally ended in a failure.
4. Frustrated Joint Military Exercise
Entering the 1980s, the DPRK-U.S. confrontation revealed itself as a showdown between the “Team Spirit” Joint Military Exercises and the struggle to check and foil them.
The “Team Spirit” got enlarged every year since it began in 1976.
The U.S. even mobilized nuclear war means with an aim to realize its aggressive ambition at any cost.
But it suffered only a miserable defeat by the ever-changing strategy and unusual wisdom of Kim Jong Il.
Graphic evidence is the failure of the “Team Spirit” Joint Military Exercise in 1983.
In defiance of the repeated warnings of the DPRK the U.S. started the “Team Spirit- 83” on February 1.
Just that day the DPRK put the whole country in a semi-war state.
The enemies reacted immediately at this. They fell into confusion at the beginning of exercise.
An aircraft that had taken off from a carrier crashed on the deck and tanks plunged into an iced swamp.
The fact that more than fifty percent of accidents happened for some days at the beginning of exercise proves graphically the confusion of the enemies.
5. Withdrawal from NPT
Anti-US showdown reached the peak by another world-shaking event in Juche 82(1993).
The U.S. imperialists resumed the “Team Spirit” Joint Military Exercise and tried to force the International Atomic Energy Agency to conduct a special inspection of the DPRK’s peaceful nuclear facilities.
Kim Jong Il issued the order of the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army “On putting the whole country, all people and the entire army in a semi-war state”.
After that the DPRK Government made public a statement proclaiming that it was obliged to withdraw from the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty as a measure to defend the supreme interest of the nation.
It was an inspiring victory of the DPRK in confrontation with the “sole superpower of the world” to demonstrate its dignity.
It was a historic event that made the world public clearly see once again the superb grit and courage of Kim Jong Il and his wisdom and strategy.
6. Interception Abandoned
In February Juche 98(2009) a spokesman for the Korean Space Technology Committee in a press statement announced that preparations were in full swing for launching the test communication satellite “Kwangmyongsong-2” by dint of the carrier rocket “Unha-2”.
Greatly astonished at it, U.S. president Obama cried for intercepting the satellite and gave an order to start a general military offensive.
Lee Myung Bak puppet group of traitors also placed their forces on an alert posture and the Japanese reactionaries deployed different kinds of intercepting means in the waters of the East Sea of Korea.
Kim Jong Il said we should deal a prompt retaliatory strike and mercilessly retaliate on them if the enemies intercept our peaceful satellite.
The preparation of the Korean People’s Army for retaliatory strike went over to action.
Combat ships covered the sea, charged their prows with explosives and war planes were fully prepared to make inrush like human bombs, carrying more bombs in place of fuel for return.
Frightened at the bold military response, the enemies hurriedly stated that they would not intercept and retreated.
On April 5 the DPRK artificial satellite “Kwangmyongsong-2” was launched into space successfully.
7. Thunder in August.
The south Korean warmonger army stimulated us by broadcasting for psychological warfare against the DPRK in all sectors of the front and leaflet-scattering operations got more vicious.
On the other hand, on August 20, 2015 they committed an extremely grave armed provocation of firing 36 shells at KPA civil police posts in the military demarcation line under the active protection of U.S. imperialists.
Under the prevailing grave situation Marshal Kim Jong Un, Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army convened an emergency enlarged meeting of the Central Military Commission of the WPK and issued an order that the frontline large combined units of the KPA should enter a wartime state to be fully battle ready to launch surprise operations and the area along the front should be put in a semi-war state from 17:00 on August 21, Juche 104(2015).
There has been created a tense hair-trigger situation of unavoidable armed force confrontation between both parties.
At the severe time of war and peace there held a North-South High Level Urgent Contact by the initiative proposal of the Republic government to defend peace and stability on the Korean peninsular and the destiny of nation.
North-South High Level Urgent Contact announced a joint report for removing the acute military tension and switching the ruinous north-south relation to trust and reconciliation.
According to announcement the south side is to discontinue all loud speaker broadcastings in the area of military demarcation line and north side is to remove the semi-war state from 12:00 on August 25.
And north and south sides are to hold several dialogues and negotiations in the different fields including meetings between scattered family members and relatives.
This agreement is the victory of lofty idea which values peace and shows genuine concern about the destiny of nation.
This victory is the brilliant fruit brought by large army and people who united in one around the Party and powerful Korean military force with the self-defense nuclear deterrent power as its pivot.
Kim Jong Un said arms of Songun and single-hearted unity of army and people is the main guarantee for defending the peace of Korean peninsular forever.
Upholding the revolutionary leadership of Songun of respected Kim Jong Un the Korean people and army will further consolidate the country’s national defense, thus defending the peace of world and Korean peninsular and achieving the final victory at all costs.
Yes. Victory is a proud tradition of the DPRK and shameful defeat is a disgraceful tradition of the U.S. and its followers as the past history shows.
The law of history would last forever.

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