Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Mother’s Day

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea celebrates auspiciously the 16th of November as the Mother’s Day every year.
In Juche 101(2012) Mother’s Day was set celebrating the 16th of November in Juche 50(1961), when the 1st National Meeting of Mothers was held.
In this meeting the President Kim Il Sung fathomed the mother’s roles and services in teaching and educating the children, noting that they had to teach the children how to walk, say, wear and eat and so on.
President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il set up the women as the woman revolutionaries who turned one of the wheels of revolution and took the preferential treatment measures for mothers and female persons in society.
So the DPRK gives priority to the convenience and interests of the mothers and provides all conditions for bringing up and educating the children everywhere.
Across the country the creations for mothers and children were built including the Breast Tumor Institute at Pyongyang Maternity Hospital and Okryu Children’s Hospital.
The DPRK treats warmly the women who do good deeds for the society and the group including the work to bring up the orphans and holds up the prolific mothers even as the heroines.
On this day the mothers spend pleasant times under the deep care and the blessing of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the state.
On the Mother’s Day the children congratulates their mothers presenting a fragrant bouquet and souvenirs.
The mothers of DPRK lead a happy life boasting in a loud voice to the world our socialism that enriches their life most valuably.

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