Tuesday, 22 December 2015



Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese heroine
A Paragon of Defending Leader
When December comes round every year, the service personnel and people in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea look back upon great exploits of Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese heroine, who devoted her all to safeguard President Kim Il Sung.
Born in a patriotic and revolutionary family, she took part in anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle led by the President with her ardent love for the country and nation, and a live hatred against Japanese imperialism to win distinction as a woman general of guerillas.
Ensuring the safety of President Kim Il Sung during the days of anti-Japanese war was her foremost mission.
Regarding the loyalty to the President as the whole of her life, she defended the President at the cost of her life in the battles of Hongqihe, Dashahe and the battle of Fusong county town at the col in the eastern hill and many other battles.
Knowing the fact that a silk cotton is effective in bulletproof, she gathered the silk cotton and made an overcoat to offer it to the President.
Her sincerity shielded from bullets in the battle fields and bitter cold.
The whole life of Kim Jong Suk was that of loyalty to the President, struggle and a revolutionary brilliant with heroic feats.
The image of Kim Jong Suk, who became a human fortress and shield to safeguard President Kim Il Sung, is remembered as a paragon of defending the leader.

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