Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Devoted Efforts for People

The respected Marshal Kim Jong Un made a speech at the military parade and public procession of Pyongyang citizens to celebrate the 70th anniversary of founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea.
His speech is run through with his fervent affection, gratitude and respect for the people.
On the occasion of the anniversary Kim Jong Un, on behalf of the Party,
extended warm thanks with a deep bow to all the beloved people who have infused the Party with inexhaustible strength and courage and remained faithful to it in every grave period of our revolution.
He pointed out that the history of the Party is just the path traveled by the great people, its might is their might, its greatness is their greatness and, its victory is the victory achieved by them.
Since it inscribed a hammer, a sickle, and a writing brush in its red flag, the Party has never been separated from the people and advanced the revolution always believing in them as in heaven.
In the whirlwind of history, the Party has trusted the great people only, and they have been its only supporters, advisers and assistants.
President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il administrated for the first time in the history the politics of attaching importance to, respecting and loving the people and devoted their all throughout their lives for the good of the people.
Kim Jong Un said the entire Party, true to their ennobling intentions, will make selfless, devoted efforts for the benefit of the people, thereby enhancing its fighting efficiency in every possible way.
And he appealed to all Party members;
Let us all make selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the great people.”

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