Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Sci-tech Complex

In October Juche104(2015), Sci-tech Complex was erected on Ssuk Islet of Taedong River following across Pyongyang, the capital city of DPRK.
Sci-tech Complex is a monumental edifice demonstrating the Spirit of Songun Korea advancing towards the top of scientific and technological power and talented nation.
Covering the total floor space of 106 600, Sci-tech Complex was erected as an energy saving and green-style building.
Constructed as a giant atomic structure-shaped building which symbolizes the world of science, Sci-tech Complex is a multifunctional modern sci-tech dissemination base and the centre of information exchange.
Sci-tech Complex consists of basic and applied sci-tech hall, earthquake experience room, virtual science laboratory of sectional indoor sci-tech show halls and outdoor sci-tech show halls that includes future energy and science game sector and etc.
As a comprehensive e-library, Sci-tech Complex stores in an overall and systematic way the sci-tech books published in the past and data on the latest sci-tech achievements in our country and advanced sci-tech data from all countries of the world.
Sci-tech Complex has laid huge data base as well as with e-reading rooms so that everyone can come and enjoy learning science and technology to their hearts full.
Sci-tech Complex provides the convenient real-time services to all science research institutes, educational institutes, factories, complexes and families and enables the exchange of necessary information through home net works.
In Sci-tech Complex, was built accommodation capable of 500 seats which harmonizes well with the surroundings in order to promote the convenience of people.
Sci-tech Complex that perfectly reflects the line of converting all people versed of science and technology, is a national edifice in which condensed the criterion of Juche-oriented art of architecture in the 21st century and the idea of attaching importance to sci-tech of the WPK.

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