Saturday, 5 December 2015

KCNA Commentary Accuses U.S. of Nuclear Proliferation

 Pyongyang, December 5 (KCNA) -- The U.S. exchanged a diplomatic memorandum for officially putting into force the revised version of "atomic energy agreement" with the south Korean authorities on Nov. 25.
    This has touched off censure at home and abroad as it is a serious and criminal nexus escalating the tension on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia.
    The effectuation of the revised version of the agreement would enable south Korea to more openly carry out the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel and uranium enrichment which they have so far carried out in secrecy, and justify the moves for the development of nuclear weapons.
    In the final analysis, the U.S. openly loosened the "rope" which bound up south Korea for mere form's sake as regards uranium enrichment and reprocessing of spent fuel.
    The south Korean authorities are shouting with joy that the "recent agreement paved a way for uranium enrichment and the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel after the lapse of more than four decades."
    The U.S. is the chief culprit of nuclear proliferation as it has further increased the danger of nuclear arms race and a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia.
    The U.S. already signed deceptive "atomic energy agreement" with south Korea far back in the 1950s and has connived at the south Korean authorities' nuclear development under the signboard of "nuclear control".
    When a sign of having extracted plutonium was detected in atomic reactors in 1998 and 2003 and when it was disclosed in 2000 that south Korea developed uranium enrichment facilities and extracted high-concentration uranium thrice, the U.S. shielded south Korea, claiming "it is not a matter of big concern as it is just an academic experiment."
    The U.S. has put the nuclear development of south Korea under its control through annual meeting of the U.S.-south Korea joint atomic energy cooperation committee.
    The recent effectuation of the agreement rendered south Korea's development of nuclear weapons legal. Through this the U.S. threw away its mask under which it has systematically transferred sensitive technology, personnel and hardware needed for the nuclear development to south Korea behind the scene and fully disclosed its true colors as a chief culprit of nuclear proliferation.
    The aim sought by the U.S. is to let south Korea stand on the forefront of the nuclear stand-off with the DPRK and thus easily pursue its aggressive policy towards the DPRK and its strategy for dominating Asia.
    In order to calm down the international community critical of the revision of the "atomic energy agreement" the U.S. is letting loose groundless rubbish that south Korea is "faithfully honoring its obligations, pursuant to the declaration on denuclearization" and south Korea's development of nuclear weapons is "technically impossible" under the "atomic energy agreement," etc.
    But the international community is seriously concerned about the moves for nuclear development that is becoming a reality in several countries including Japan and Israel as well as south Korea and several regions including Europe at the connivance of the U.S and under its patronage.
    The U.S. is now left with neither justification nor pretext to find fault with the nuclear program of others including the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula which surfaced and has become ever more serious due to its moves.
    The U.S. can never evade its responsibility as a chief culprit of nuclear proliferation and nuclear arms race. -0-

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