Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Attaching Importance to Youth and Words of Times

Attaching Importance to Youth and Words of Times

The respected Marshal Kim Jong Un sets attaching importance to young people as an eternal strategic line of the Workers’ Party of Korea.
Highly appreciating the noble patriotic spirit of the Korean young people that is displayed in all places of the country, he puts them forward with new words of the times such as youth power, youthful spirit of charge and Songun–based youth culture.

Youth Power

Youth power means a country that has powerful young vanguard organizations and a legion of millions of young people unfailingly loyal to the Party, the revolution and the people, develops vigorously by their role of the vanguard and shock brigade, leaps forward with youthful stamina and prospers.
In the DPRK today the collective of young men of the People’s Army are defending socialism and young vanguards and shock brigades are performing feats in difficult and challenging sectors of the building of thriving state and pushing back the frontiers of science.
Marshal Kim Jong Un said our Party is strong and our country is demonstrating its might as youth power because they have such a large contingent of young people.

Youthful spirit of charge and Songun-based Youth culture

Marshal Kim Jong Un pointed out that through the construction of the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Plant there were produced the youthful spirit of charge and youth culture of the Songun era, valuable assets of the Korea youth movement.
The youthful spirit of charge is the spirit of marching straight forward through fire and water with the calls of the Party inscribed in their hearts.
It is the furious attacking spirit of breaking down even a mountain and damming a river at a stroke like a blazing explosive.
It is also the self relying spirit of ti ding over trials with the might of comradeship and collectivism even in adversity beyond description.
The Songun-based youth culture is a sound culture to develop not showy foreign things, but noble things of our own and a militant culture advancing lively with revolutionary songs sung loudly even in hardships.
It is a model of socialist way of life in Songun era with which to lead a prudent, frugal and civilized life in any environment.
Under the trust of Marshal Kim Jong Un the Korean young people, heroes of words of the times are working dynamically to become young heroes in the worthwhile struggle to add luster to their socialist country.

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