Thursday, 10 December 2015

ASSPUK and JISGE on the 98th anniversary of Madame Kim Jong Suk the Mother of Korea


   London 10th December Juche 104(2015)
 On the occasion of the forthcoming  98th anniversary of the birth of Madame Kim Jong Suk the mother of Korea and indomitable communist revolutionary fighter the ASSPUK and JISGE have issued the following joint statement ;
 Comrade Kim Jong Suk  is  a great example for the revolutionary and progressive women of the whole world to learn from . She was indeed the great paragon of women revolutionaries. A model Juche type communist revolutionary.
  Kim Jong Suk was born into a poor peasant family in the northern city of Hoeryong. She lived a hard life as a child but with keen intelligence became aware of the oppression of Japanese imperialism and the contradictions of class society.At an early age she joined the Korean People's Revolutionary Army founded and commanded by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung.
 She distinguished herself as a crack-shot and a great woman partisan fighting the Japanese aggressors. She created a great example for women to follow in the revolutionary armed struggle, smashing the backward myth that women should stay at home and be passive. At the same time she embodied the time honoured features of Korean womanhood. She was loyal to the great leader general Kim Il Sung the sun of the Korean nation and lodestar of the anti Japanese armed struggle. She defended the safety of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung, sun of the Korean nation with her own life . In the Dashahe battle of 1940 she dispatched with her pistol a couple of Jap soldiers, who had sneaked up, threatening the life of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung.

Comrade Kim Jong Suk brought up the young Kim Jong Il as a revolutionary and future soldier and leader of Korea. She is truly the Mother of Korea. After liberation from Japanese imperialism in 1945 she worked hard to build a new democratic Korea. She always led a frugal life and worked day and night. She inspired women to turn out in the struggle for a new democratic Korea. She founded the Korean Democratic Women's Union and accomplished the liberation of women from the double and triple oppression of imperialism and feudalism. Meeting south Korean women she gave guidance on the  reunificationof Korea and the south Korean revolution.

   Comrade Kim Jong Suk an indomitable communist revolutionary fighter blazed a trail for the women's emancipation movement  in Asia and the world . Comrade Kim Jong Suk created a model of Juche-orienated  and proletarian feminism  showing the correct way to liberate women  and she smashed all bourgeois, revisionist and opportunist falsehoods on the women's liberation question. ASSPUK and JISGE believe that comrade Kim Jong Suk serves as a role model for anti-imperialist women revolutionaries throughout the world, her teachings show the correct way forward for the women's movement even in the imperialist countries.                                                         
  Today in the DPRK women are playing an increasing role in society thanks to the leadership of the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un who is carrying forward to make sure that the ideas of Madame Kim Jong Suk on women's emancipation.

 On the occasion of the 98th anniversary of the birth of Madame Kim Jong Suk the ASSPUK and JISGE revere  her memory and celebrate her revolutionary life as an example of a great woman revolutionary who inspires progressive women throughout the world.

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