Thursday, 24 December 2015

Is the DPRK a dynasty ? No !

The use of the term "dynasty " in relation to the DPRK is wrong and misleading because it equates the DPRK with dynasties in capitalist countries or with feudal dynasties like the Ri dynasty in old Korea which sold the country out to the Japanese imperialists . The DPRK is also unfairly singled out over the issue . For example the BBC and a lot of media love for example to refer India as the "world largest democracy " , blissfully ignoring the fact that for decades India was ruled by members of the Nehru-Gandhi family ( some may also point out that India has a caste system , human rights violations by landlords etc, repression of some organisations etc) . The USA itself has the Bush dynasty , the Clinton dynasty and in the past the Roosevelts .
It is quite wrong to compare the DPRK to any of these . Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is the people's choice for leader . He was elected as a vice -chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea at the 3rd Party Conference of the Workers' Party of Korea and as First Secretary at the 4th Party conference of the WPK. The WPK is party with millions of members and members from all walks of life from hotel cleaners to leading scientists , singers and actors . Most families in the DPRK have one member who is a Party member. Moreover Marshal KIM JONG UN was elected First Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK by the Supreme Peoples Assembly(SPA)of the DPRK . The SPA was itself elected by 99.9% of the electorate , compare this to the 54.9 turnout in the last US presidential election and 66.1 turnout in the UK general election. Which country has the undemocratic and unrepresentative system, the answer is obvious looking at the statistics.
Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is indeed the successor to the cause of Juche revolution and Songun revolution started by the great leader President
 KIM IL SUNG and carried forward by Chairman KIM JONG IL . He is a people's leader who puts people first and a true patriot who values independence and does not sell the country out unlike the incompetent feudal dynasties.

Dermot Hudson

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