Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Post Defended By the Supreme Commander

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited Panmunjom post, the hottest spot, on March 3, Juche 101(2012).
Panmunjom is the historical place where the US imperialists crushed by the Korean People signed in the military cease-fire agreement on July 27, Juche 42(1953) passing along the military demarcation line which has divided Korea into north and south.
The respected Marshal Kim Jong Un made the inspection  tour of army units defending Panmunjom where we have been directly aiming our guns at the enemies and mounted on the balcony inspected continually by their monitors.
He went round the autographical monument to national reunification and the Thongil House and said to bring the soldiers to take the pictures with them.
But the inspectors were on combat duty, by doing so they should have the pictures taken in two parts.
He said that he would guard the post and to bring them all without any troubles.
As a result the inspectors had the pictures taken arm in arm with their Supreme Commander in the post.
Since the post had been distributed in Pammunjom, empty post was such incident as we could not imagine.
This measure could be adopted only by the respected Marshal  Kim Jong Un with steadfast courage.
The respected Marshal Kim Jong Un said in his heart that our people slept in peace and his mind has been inspired with the confidence thanks to the services of the inspectors defending the first line of our contry firmly.
Thus, on the occasion of 1 anniversary of his visiting, the whole soldiers in Panmunjom post wrote him a letter, where they determined as follows,
“We will keep in mind the picture taken on that day and carry out our military service with the mind that the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un is always with us.”

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