Monday, 21 December 2015

UK KFA on the 4th anniversary of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN's appointment as KPA Supreme Commander



 London 21st of December 2015

The UK Korean Friendship today issued a statement to mark the occasion of the 4th anniversary of the assumption of the position of Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army;

   The decision of the Political Bureau of the Workers' Party of Korea to appoint the dear respected leader comrade Kim Jong Un as supreme commander of the KPA not only carried the behest of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il but fully reflected the desire of the Korean people to have dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un as the successor to the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il and to carry forward the tradition of Songun revolutionary leadership pioneered by the great leader President Kim Il Sung and the  great general Kim Jong Il.
   During the past four years since his assumption of the role of KPA Supreme Commander dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un the cause of Juche-army building has been splendidly carried forward . The KPA has been built up as a steel-strong force that has defeated the provocations of the US imperialists, the sworn enemy of the Korean people . The very name of Kim Jong Un is associated with victory over imperialism and the militant anti-imperialist stand.
   The iron-willed resolve of Supreme Commander Marshal Kim Jong Un prevented the outbreak of war on the Korean peninsula in August 2015.
UK KFA salutes the 4th anniversary  of the appointment of dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un as KPA Supreme Commander


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