Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Sun Is Eternal

The Sun Is Eternal
Four years have passed since the Korean nation mourned the untimely demise of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the great loss to the nation.
Chairman Kim Jong Il had ardently loved his country and people and devoted his all to reunification and prosperity of the nation.
He created the June 15 independent reunification era by arranging the historic Pyongyang summit and making public inter-Korean declaration with his farsightedness and ardent love for the nation in the course of carrying out the cause of national reunification, the lifelong desire of President Kim Il Sung. It was his undying achievements performed for the nation.
After the adoption of the historic June 15 Joint Declaration whose kernel is the idea of by Our Nation Itself, the Korean Peninsula was enveloped in the south Koreans’ enthusiastic reverence for the Chairman.
The south Korean mass media posted stories about his greatness with his photos on the front page of their publications.
The south Korean people from various circles highly acclaimed that he embraces the Korean nation, there is no prominent leader such as him unrivaled in the world, he, the sun of the nation, will remember in the hearts of the nation.
Kim Jong Il was the benevolent mentor and lodestar of reunification who led the movement for independent reunification to triumph by uniting the Korean nation true to the ideology and virtue of the President.
The Korean nation will remember immortal exploits of Kim Jong Il who had worked heart and soul to hand down a reunified country.
The south Korean people’s boundless admiration for Kim Jong Il become stronger and the Chairman will always be with the Korean nation.

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