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The Juche-orientated and Songun based road of national liberation - special article on the occcasion of the 70th anniversary by Dermot Hudson ASSPUK president

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On August 15th 1945 Korea finally became independent after decades of barbaric colonial rule by the degenerate Samruais of Japanese imperialism . The liberation of Korea was not the gift of outside forces, big powers , nor was it the result of  chance or an accidental factor , it was the result of the 20 long revolutionary struggle under the banner of Juche and Songun led by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG, the sun of Juche !
                 The Japanese were amongst the worst and most cruel  colonial oppressors had literally sucked the life out of the Korean people. Due to flunkeyism(fawning on big powers) and incompetence by the old feudal rulers of the Ri Dynasty the Japanese imperialists stole into Korea the land of the morning calm. The Jap imperialists were aided and abetted by other big powers and imperialists such as the US and UK
By 1910 they had annexed Korea and turned into a colony . The Korean people fell victim to the sabre and the bayonet of the cruel Japanese colonialists. They plundered huge amounts of resources.
                                                 The Korean people  wanted and need independence and to be free from oppression by Japanese imperialism . However no force or leader existed that could deliver them from the iron rule of Japan. Petitions and appeals were useless , strikes and demos were suppressed by force and the streets run with the blood of Korean workers and peasants . Bourgeois nationalists proved to be useless in leading the nation, they split into factions and squabble as they were totally divorced from the popular masses.Such elements turned to  national reformism which meant capitulation to Japanese imperialism. Some seeing the example of the USSR the first workers and peasants state in the world started a communist movement but this quickly collapsed into flunkeyism and factionalism and was therefore unable to lead the struggle against Japanese imperialist rule.  In those days there was a tendency within the international communist movement to see the struggles of people in the colonial countries as simply a reserve force of the world proletarian revolution .
                                   The great leader President KIM L SUNG was an outstanding thinker and theorectian who grasped from his early days the need to advance the struggle for independence and revolution on a new basis . He set up the Down With Imperialism Union in 1926 with a revolutionary school students and youth , This represented a decisive clean break with the stale dogmas of factionalism and flunkeyism and  meant a  movement not based on a few privlieged individuals but one based on the popular masses. Later the great leader President KIM IL SUNG formed the Anti-Imperialist Youth League and Young Communist League of Korea.
The great leader President KIM IL SUNG outlined the Juche-orientated path of the Korean revolution at the historic Kalun meeting held from the end of June 1930 to the beginning of July 1930. At the meeting he also put forward the Songun based line of revolution . Looking the experience of the Korean revolution the great leader President KIM IL SUNG pointed out 
"Experience shows that in order to lead the revolution to victory, one must go among the masses of people and organize them, and solve all problems arising in the course of the revolution independently on one’s own responsibility in accord with the actual conditions, instead of relying on others.
Drawing on this lesson we regard it as most important to take the firm standpoint that the masters of the Korean revolution are the Korean people and that the Korean revolution should by all means be carried out by the Korean people themselves in a way suited to the actual conditions of their country.
Thus the Juche-orientated line of the Korean revolution was set forth . Keenly realising that independence cannot be achieved by peaceful means or handed to the Korean people by a big power he said "In order to guarantee success in the Korean revolution, we must, first of all, organize and wage an armed struggle against the Japanese imperialists.

As the historical experience and lessons of the anti-Japanese struggle show, no one can bring us independence on a tray; we can never vanquish the Japanese imperialists and win national independence by peaceful means.
Moreover, the present situation urgently demands that we wage an organized armed struggle against the Japanese imperialists. Since the Japanese imperialists are intensifying their suppression without precedent and we are dealing with an enemy armed to the teeth, we must gradually build up the violent mass struggle into an organized armed struggle
 This was indeed the essence of the Songun-based revolutionary line.
                         In July 1930 the Korean Revolutionary Army was founded . The great leader President KIM IL SUNG pursued a truly unique Songun based line of guerrilla in which the armed forces were founded before the Party . In Russia the Bolshevik Party had been formed before the Worker -Peasant Red Army , in China the Communist Party of Chine was formed before the Peoples Liberation Army and in Ierland the Irish Republican Army was founded 12 years after the formation of the Sinn Fein Party. 

After the Kalun meeting  President  KIM IL SUNG reiterated at the Mingyuegou Meeting in December Juche 20 (1931) that the armed struggle was the basic line of the anti-Japanese national liberation struggle of Korea and clarified strategic and tactical problems immediately arising in organizing and developing the anti-Japanese armed struggle such as the type of the armed struggle, organization of a standing revolutionary armed force and establishment of a guerrilla base as a stronghold of political and military activity. President KIM IL SUNG in his speech underscored the need for self-reliance saying that "we fight the armed struggle with no state backing and no aid from outside "
Thanks to Kim Il Sung  s idea and line of achieving liberation and independence of the nation on the strength of arms, the anti-Japanese national liberation struggle of Korea could take correct path and advance toward victory with full of confidence.     
President KIM IL SUNG wisely led the struggle for implementing the unique idea and line of realizing the cause of national liberation on the strength of arms.
Then President KIM IL SUNG founded the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army on August 25, 1932. It was the birth of a new-type revolutionary armed force for the national liberation and a historic event that provided the military guarantee for realising victory of the revolutionary cause of Juche by dint of arms.  It heralded the start of the great anti-Japanese revolutionary war .   The KPRA fought the revolutionary  spirit of self-reliance and the Juche Idea . They seized weapons from the Japanese aggressors or manufactured their own . Some hoped that the Soviet Union, the first socialist state, would supply them with a hand-grenade factory but this never materialised so they made their own hand-grenades the 'Yongil bomb'(of course today the DPRK has its own nuclear 'Yongil bomb'.)    
                         In March 1934 the Anti Japanese People's Guerrilla Army became the Korean People's Revolutionary Army . Under the command of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG, an ever victorious iron-willed brilliant commander, the stout hearted and heroic guerrilla revolutionary fighters of the KPRA fought many battles against the Japane imperialist  agressors such the battle of Pochonbo  and the battle of Musan to name just a few . The battle of Pochonbo on the 4 June 1937 was most significant as it symbolised
the KPRA's advance into the Korean homeland. One third world revolutionary figure on visiting the monument to the Pochonbo battle said "the beacon fire of Pochonbo marked a great event which gave confidence in struggle not only to the Korean people under the colonial rule of Japanese imperialism but also the world's revolutionary people groaning in those days under the heels of imperialist aggressors- fascist Germany, Italy, Japanese imperialism , and American and British imperialism "

                                     President KIM IL SUNG  also applied the Juche idea to the question of the united front and popular front and founded the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland , a Juche-orientated united national front in May 1936.
                                  President KIM IL SUNG adopted adroit guerilla tactics . The KPRA under his 
leadership showed great tacticial flexiblity  for example switiching to small unit activities in 1940 in order to preserve and accumulate the revolutionary forces.
                                               The hard and arduous  revolutionary armed struggle led by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG paid off in the end on the 9th of August 1945 general KIM IL SUNG gave the order for the final offensive against the Japanese marauders . The KPRA together with Soviet army units surged into Korea , the KPRA often taking the lead in the more difficult battles. On August 15 1945 Korea was liberated at last from Japanese imperialist rule. 36 years of dark oppressive rule by the fascist Japanese and their decadent Samurai culture came to an end in a day . This was the feat of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG an ever victorious iron-willed brilliant commander and gifted military strategist.

The signifance of Korea's liberation was manifold . Firstly, the liberation of Korea by the Korean People's Revolutionary Army led by the great leader generalissimo KIM IL SUNG made a great contribution to the victory of the international anti-fascist forces. Secondly , it created a role model for anti-imperialist , anti-colonial struggles . This fact was acknowledged by the  World Cultural Congress in Havana in 1968 . Thirdly , it proved beyond doubt the great vitality and validity of the Juche Idea and the Songun Idea as well the outstanding commanding ablity of the great leader generalissimo KIM IL SUNG .


Dermot Hudson
President Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
KFA Official Delegate UK
Advisor to the International  Songun  Study Centre

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