Sunday, 2 August 2015

Branch School for a Pupil

A branch school was set up for children of lighthouse keepers on Al Islet at the northernmost end of Korea.
Now lessons are given to a pupil at the school.
Over the past 15 years 6 children finished the branch school and now the seventh pupil is studying there.
Though alone, the pupil is given the same lessons as on land.
Calling the lighthouse keepers on islands far from land patriots, the state invites their children to national meeting of the Korean Children’s Union and other events and children’s camps before anybody else.
The DPRK has more than 1800 schools of that kind across the country.
The branch schools have able teachers and all kinds of facilities and fixtures for teaching.
They are provided with the improved conditioned environment of education thanks to the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un’s noble love for posterity and future.
Under the universal compulsory 12 year education system, branch school is set up even for a pupil and visited by teachers.
A brighter future is in store for the Korean school children studying to their hearts’ content.

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