Monday, 24 August 2015

Long Journey for Songun

Chairman Kim Jong Il inspects a unitof the KPA
Long Journey for Songun
55 years ago, Chairman Kim Jong Il inspected the Seoul Ryu Gyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division of the Korean People’s Army on August 25, 1960 and his visit was a historic event that proclaimed his succession of the cause of the Songun revolution and the start of his Songun-based leadership.
Since then the sacred history and tradition of the Songun revolution pioneered and advanced on Mt. Paektu on the strength of arms, has been succeeded successfully and the historic turn has been brought about in building up the KPA and accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche.
Songun was Chairman Kim Jong Il’s revolutionary idea, his practice in the revolution, his political ideal and his political mode.
He won the victory in the grim anti-imperialist, anti-US showdown in order to defend the Juche socialism. And the history of his Songun revolutionary leadership is shining as the sacred history.
He raised the KPA as the buttress, the main force of the revolution in the face of myriad of difficulties and firmly safeguarded socialist Korea founded by President Kim Il Sung by wisely leading the DPRK Army and people.
The history of his Songun revolutionary leadership is shinning as immortal annals during which he laid solid cornerstone for national prosperity and the accomplishment of the Juche revolutionary cause.
In the flames of great upsurge in the revolution, the dynamic campaign are being waged to push back the frontiers of science and technology and for the industrial revolution in the new century. The monumental edifices symbolizing the Songun era have been built throughout the country.
With his prominent Songun revolutionary leadership, he frustrated the anti-reunification confrontational scheme of the separatists at home and abroad to open up the June 15 era advanced by the united efforts of the Korean nation. He secured the peace in Asia and the world and made great contributions to the realization of the cause of independence for humankind.
His whole life dedicated to Songun was a brilliant career of peerless patriot and outstanding revolutionary only for the country and revolution.
Now the justness and vitality of Songun politics are displayed to the full. The world revolutionary people, who are aspiring after independence against imperialism, positively support Songun politics and highly praise the exploits of the Chairman.
Saying that the destiny of the nation and the future of reunification depend on the Songun politics, the south Korean people are lost in admiration for it.
The Internet websites introducing Songun politics are on the increase in south Korea and the articles admiring it such as “Source of power to protect the sovereignty of the nation is Songun politics.”, “Songun politics, the guarantee for peace on the Korean Peninsula deters the provocation of the US nuclear war”, “Songun politics and destiny of the nation” are posted on the websites.
Noting that they lead the peaceful life thanks to the Songun politics, the south Koreans are appreciating it safeguarding the nation and opening up the way to reunification and prosperity.
Now the cause of Songun revolution is succeeded vigorously by the supreme leader Kim Jong Un.
Under his wise leadership, the idea and exploits of Songun revolutionary of Chairman Kim Jong Il will go down along with the new century of the Juche era.

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