Friday, 14 August 2015

DPRK Government's Memorandum Marks Anniversary of Korea's Liberation

 Pyongyang, August 15 (KCNA) -- The government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea made public a memorandum Saturday on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Korea's liberation, reflecting the desire and wish of all the Koreans to convey down to posterity the undying feats performed by President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il for Korea's liberation and the cause of national reunification and the honor of the nation holding in high esteem the peerlessly great men.
    The President was a benefactor of liberation who led the 20-year long hard-fought anti-Japanese war to victory to regain the usurped country and bring about the new spring of national resurrection, the memorandum said, and continued:
    To look back on history, the Korean nation faced a miserable fate early in the 20th century. It had its sovereignty completely usurped by the Japanese imperialists and Koreans had their own culture and names deprived. Colonial Korea was literally a medieval dark land and a huge living hell where its people could hardly breathe and could not find even a small space to be buried after death.
    It was against this backdrop that the President took the road of revolution with a great will to liberate the country and declared all-out confrontation with the brigandish Japanese imperialists.
Kim Il Sung, in his teens, discovered profound truth that man is responsible for one's own destiny and one has strength for carving out one's own destiny and pioneered a unique road of the revolution in which he believed in and relied on the people, a completely different way from what the preceding generation took, under the uplifted banner of Juche.
    After putting forward the idea that the armed enemies can be defeated only with arms, the President founded the Anti-Japanese People's Guerilla Army, the first revolutionary armed forces of Juche-type, on April 25, Juche 21 (1932). This shines as an outstanding feat he performed by achieving Korea's liberation.
    He was a gifted strategist, a man strongest in faith and will and pluck and the great benefactor of liberation of the Korean nation as he declared an all-out war against the brigandish Japanese imperialists and achieved the great cause of national liberation with arms of Songun at a dark period when the destiny of the country and nation was at the crossroads of rise and fall.
    The glorious history of anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle and feats in which he brought about the dawn of national resurrection to the Koreans who were groaning under the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists and his undying feats for national liberation will shine forever.
    The memorandum stressed that the President is the eternal father of the nation as he worked heart and soul for national reunification till the last moments of his life after setting it as the supreme national task since the very day the country was divided.
    The Korean nation which greeted the liberation of the country on August 15, Juche 34 (1945) could not but undergo the tragic division due to the U.S. imperialists who occupied south Korea under the mask of "liberator" at the end of the Second World War.
    The memorandum cited facts to prove that with clear insight into the aggressive nature of the U.S. imperialists right after their occupation of south Korea, the President provided energetic leadership to the work for preventing the permanent division of the country and achieving the complete sovereignty and independence of the country.
    It goes on:
    The President's life was, indeed, the greatest one of the father of the nation who did all he could do for national reunification and laid a solid foundation for independent reunification.
    Kim Jong Il was a peerless patriot and the eternal sun of the nation who raised high the banner of Songun and ushered in the new era of independent reunification, regarding it as his life-time mission to reunify the country.
    Leading the cause of national reunification together with the President from his early years, Kim Jong Il directed great efforts to implementing the President's last instructions for national reunification.
    The undying feats performed by the great leaders for Korea's liberation and the cause of national reunification are being firmly defended and brilliantly carried forward by Marshal Kim Jong Un.
    Kim Jong Un, who is identical to the great leaders, enjoys immense attraction and confidence of all the Koreans including broad strata of south Koreans for his ardent patriotism and noble virtue.
    Kim Jong Un is the outstanding leader of the nation and the great lodestar of national reunification as he devotes his all to achieving national reunification, the life-time desire of the great leaders, and wisely leads all the Koreans along the patriotic road of reunification.
    Bright and rosy is the future of the nation as it is led by Kim Jong Un, illustrious Songun commander, legendary great man and peerless patriot.
    When all the Koreans in the north and the south and abroad glorify the undying feats of the great leaders for Korea's liberation and the cause of national reunification and advance dynamically under the wise guidance of Kim Jong Un, the historic cause of national reunification is sure to be accomplished and the great heyday of national prosperity to be ushered in this land. -0-

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