Friday, 14 August 2015

Benefactor of Korea’s liberation

Filling with great pleasure and joy, the Korean nation marks the 70th anniversary of the Korea’s liberation. They extend the greatest glory and warmest greetings to President Kim Il Sung, the peerless patriot and national hero, who smashed the Japanese imperialists to restore the lost country.
President Kim Il Sung was spotlighted as a benefactor of national resurrection when the dark clouds of national ruin had hung heavily over the country.
In his teens, he set out on the road of revolution with a great ambition to liberate Korea. He founded the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army and crowned anti-Japanese war with victory.
He waged the anti-Japanese armed struggle for over 15 years without the state backing and the support of regular armed forces. The struggle was the most arduous and heroic, indeed.
President Kim Il Sung defeated the heavily-armed Japanese imperialists with the unique strategy and adroit guerrilla tactics.
Upholding President Kim Il Sung as the sun of the nation and the savior of national liberation, the Korean nation came out in the sacred struggle to liberate their country under his leadership.
His undying exploits of saving the Korean nation from the lot of colonial slaves and creating a model of national liberation struggle will go down in the history of Korea and the annals of the world’s revolutionary movements.
Kim Il Sung makes a speech at the rally held in Pyongyang
to welcome his triumphant return in October 1945
With August 15, 1945 the proud history of the dignified Kim Il Sung nation has begun.
The south Korean people and world progressive people are unanimously saying that the lifetime of the President is precisely the history of Korea and Korea is unthinkable without his august name.
Stating that the Korea’s liberation is unthinkable apart from a peerless great person, they highly eulogize that August 15 liberation is a great achievement made by President Kim Il Sung, the anti-Japanese legendary hero.
The south Korean publications including Internet papers are posting many articles admiring the President who overcame manifold hardship and saved the destiny of the nation.
The world people grandly celebrate the day as a holiday common to the progressive humanity.
Marking the day, the preparatory committees are being formed with involvement of the prominent figures of governments, political parties and organizations in many countries. They organize the colorful events such as forum, lecture meeting, film show, photo exhibition and symposium to introduce the glorious revolutionary career and immortal exploits of President Kim Il Sung and express support for the righteous cause of the Korean people.
The exploit of President Kim Il Sung performed for liberating Korea will shine through all ages along with the victorious advance of Songun Korea and the ardent admiration of the south Koreans and world progressive people for him.

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