Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Additional Commentary on "While They Watched " by Dermot Hudson ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA

Why didn't Jake White or whoever he is make a documentary on south Korean human rights ? South Korea is one of the worst human rights violators in the world , known as the 'tundra of human rights' were progressive people are thrown in prison at will by the authorities and a land where the 1% oppress and exploit the 99% . Indeed south Korea is well known to the world as the 'republic
of jaebols'(jaebol being the Korean term for a capitalist conglomerate or monopoly ). South Korea is also known as a colony of the US occupied by US troops who enjoy extra-territorial privileges to commit any crime they want with impunity.

In south Korea the National Security Law has been in force for  many decades. Under this law any communist or leftist activities or simply "praising the north " is illegal and punishable by up to  seven years in jail . In recent years  the Rev Han Sang Ryol , Mr Ro Su Hui and Mr Lee Seok Ki were all jailed under this law . Does Mr Jake Smith know about this or is he blinded with dirty money from south Korea ? Recentlly the Unified Progressive Party , party with electoral representation , was dissolved and banned by the south Korean fascist authorities . South Korea is a fascist society stained with the blood of the progressives and revolutionaries , leaders such as Kim Jong Tae and Choi Young Do were murdered by the south Korean fascist regime . South Korea in the 1940s and 1950s murdered hundreds of thousands in the Bodo League massacre . Park Geun Hye's father , Park Chung Hee a former officer in the Japanese imperial army killed many when he came to power through a fascist military coup in 1961 . Is Jake Smith too thick to read history books ?

South Korea is a poverty ridden hell  on earth . There are in south Korea 8.6 million semi-unemployed people such as temporary and daily workers who live on their meager wages earned through daily or few months' work. More than half of university graduates become jobless right after their graduation. In consequence, more than 2 million jobless young people are writhing in despair. South Koreans are suffering from extremely high housing rent and housing problem as lease prices rose more than 36 percent in recent years.Consequently, more than 7 million homeless households or 45 percent of the population have their existence seriously threatened. More than one million people have to move to areas where house rent is relatively low. Those people who are unable to pay house rent live in a small room of 0.5-1 phyong, shanties, tents, containers and huts and even in caves. They number as many as 680 000 families.

 If Mr Jake Smith wants to "do something " why does he expose poverty in his home country the UK  where you can see many homeless and beggars on on the streets .

We should note that  'Jake Smith ' claims he raised £1,500 for his film through crowd funding but the costs of even a low budget film can amount to at least £40,000 to £50,000 so where did  Smith find the rest of the money  ? Obviously this has come from the south Korean National Intelligence Service , the CIA , south Korean far right groups and the south Korean jaebols . Smith is their pawn and the film is nothing but tenth rate south Korean anti-DPRK propaganda.

Dermot Hudson

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