Friday, 14 August 2015

S. Korean Puppet Forces Warned of Due Punishment

Pyongyang, August 14 (KCNA) -- "Mine explosion" of an unknown cause occurred in the vicinity of the south Korean puppet MP post in the southern portion of the demilitarized zone of the Military Demarcation Line in the area of Pangmok-ri, Kunnae-myon, Phaju City, Kyonggi Province on Aug. 4.
    The puppet forces announced right after the occurrence that plastic anti-personnel mine M-14, which was laid in the vicinity of the MP post in the southern portion of the demilitarized zone, went off due to strong torrential rain.
    On Aug. 10, Kim Min Sok appeared at a press conference as a spokesman for the puppet Defense Ministry and asserted that the "mine explosion" occurred as the "north illegally crossed the MDL and deliberately laid wooden box mine".
    The Policy Department of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK issued a statement on Friday as regards the fact that the south Korean puppet military, the puppet joint chiefs of staff and Chongwadae talked volumes about the "mine explosion," labeling it "provocation from the north" and even the UN joined in the smear campaign against the DPRK.
    The statement proved the hypocrisy of their absurd claim that parts of a wooden box mine produced by the puppet forces as "convincing evidence strongly smells of resin" and the " wooden box mine is from the north" and three "fresh springs are also from it."
    There are too many instances to give the lie to the "provocation from the north" touted by the puppet forces, the statement said, and went on:
    It is a bad habit of the south Korean puppet forces to groundlessly link whatever deplorable event occurs in south Korea with the north.
    They seek a sinister aim whenever they orchestrate a ridiculous farce.
    The recent case clearly proved that the Park Geun Hye group has made desperate efforts to pass the buck for the strained north-south relations to the DPRK and secure a pretext for justifying such moves to escalate the confrontation with the compatriots as anti-DPRK leaflet scattering operation.
    This was clearly evidenced by the fact that they resumed psychological warfare broadcasting to brand the recent case "as provocation from the north".
    Taking advantage of the recent case, the puppet minister of Defense asked his American master to heighten the intensity of Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises by introducing B-2A and F-22A to south Korea.
    Aware of the curse and resentment of all compatriots at the projected saber-rattling targeting the north, the puppet forces are hyping "provocation" and "threat" from the north in a bid to justify the war exercises detrimental to peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.
    Their much ado about "provocation from the north" is nothing but a last resort to calm down the strong criticism of the recent "mine explosion" in the DMZ in the wake of war phobia, declining military discipline and various scandals rampant in the puppet army.
    The puppet forces were so ridiculous as to woo the delegate of the DPRK into dialogue under the pretext of discussing the recent shocking case after faking it up.
    Hateful was the behavior of the U.S. joining in the above-said burlesque.
    The DPRK has an inspection group of the NDC which guarantees impartiality and accuracy in making a military, scientific and technological investigation into the case.
    The more loudly the Park Geun Hye group talks about "provocation from the north," a fiction, the bitterer disgrace of being tricksters and liars it will face.
    The army and people of the DPRK are watching with vigilance the provokers' ever more reckless confrontation row.
    A reckless provocation is bound to invite a due punishment. -0-

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