Monday, 3 August 2015

International Friendship Exhibition

The International Friendship Exhibition is located on Mt. Myohyang, one of the 6 most celebrated mountains in Korea.
On display in it are gifts presented with sincerity to President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il by heads of parties and states and prominent political and public figures of foreign countries of the world.
The exhibits include over 70 000 gifts for President Kim Il Sung from over 170 countries and 33 990 gifts for Chairman Kim Jong Il from over 170 countries.
Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il ensured that the exhibition displayed and preserved the valuable gifts that are national treasures of Korea and prides in the era of the Workers’ Party and hand them down through all generations.
It was opened in August 1978.
The modern edifice blends harmoniously with the beautiful scenery of
Mt. Myohyang .
It is national in style and socialist in substance.
The building has gay ornaments peculiar to Korean architecture.
Its eaves and walls are decorated with patterns of Kimilsungia, magnolia and azalea.
Wind-bells hanging on different corners of the eaves add to the national architectural art of Korea.
Many hip–saddle roofs which seem to soar in the air contribute to the completion of the building as a Korean-style structure.
The doors cast in bronze are relieved with Kimilsungia.
The magnificent building, an integration of modern national architecture, displays exhibits on every floor by continents and countries.
All the gifts in the International Friendship Exhibition are associated with the intense respect of the world revolutionary people for great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il .
They also reflect their unanimous support to and firm solidarity with the just cause of the Korean people.
The International Friendship Exhibition today is a treasure house demonstrating the international prestige of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il more highly.

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