Sunday, 23 August 2015

Statement from International KFA

Madrid, August 22nd, 2015 (Juche 104).

All members who make up the KFA worldwide, we want to express in this statement our total and unconditional support to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, its people, its representatives and diplomats, and our Supreme Commander KIM JONG UN.

Together with all the Korean people, the KFA defends the cause of the Independent and Peaceful Reunification of the Nation, this Korean right was taken by the American occupation in South Korea after the Victory against the Japanese empire, of which this year marks the 70th Anniversary. It is the foreign intervention, with all lies that come through their media, the one that prevents that peace and provoke confrontation between compatriots, brothers, sisters and all Korean People.

To drive out the US Imperialists forces from South Korea is the most important task about all progressive people and lovers of peace, and in this task, all KFA members we will be always in the frontline.

From the KFA we always keep our position to defend the cause of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, being on the side of their representatives, always faithful to our Supreme Commander

Nobody can break our UNITY!!


Thank you so much for everybody.

Best Regards.


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