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ASSPUK , JISGE and UK KFA slam "While They Watched "

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                                           London 18th of August Juche 104(2015)
The ASSPUK , Juche Idea Study Group of England and the UK Korean Friendship Association on hearing the news that the anti-DPRK film "While They Watched "  has been produced and is to be released  decided to issue the following joint statement:

Without a doubt this is one of the most putrid and noxious anti-DPRK films made which ranks alongside the "Interview " for it's sheer malice and deeply reactionary vile  nature .
The film which is being lauded by the trendy liberal "Guardian " ( which frequently repeats some of the worst south Korean puppet propaganda  despite its liberal and "socialist " pretensions ) is mostly a rehash of worn-out second south Korean anti-DPRK propaganda featuring the likes of the oft discredited Yeomi Park , a proven liar . However a new and vicious twist has been added to this rubbish  namely that the film is supposedly about the fall of the DPRK  , sometjing that has been a long standing fantasy of the imperialists and reactionaries throughout the world for the past two decades . As if this is not bad enough the film actually calls for "intervention "  in the DPRK claiming that not enough has been done to undermine and de stablise the DPRK and that even the south Korean puppet regime is not hard enough on the DPRK . Such ludicrous ideas can come from the darkest recesses of the minds of the most derganged fascists and ultra-rightists , we wonder whether the director of the film 'Jake Smith ' (we are not sure whether this is his real name or that this indeed is even a real person or simply someone acting a frontman for the south Korean puppet National Intelligence Service , or CIA or ultra right organisations in south Korea).

The film makes deeply insulting comparsions between the DPRK and the Nazis  ! This is a criminal slander . The founder of the DPRK President KIM IL SUNG fought a war against the allies of the Nazis , imperialist Japan for many years and the flag of the DPRK is dyed with the blood of those who laid down their precious lives  in the struggle against international fascism . The Juche Idea itself is profoundly anti-fascist . In today's world it is the US that is backing neo-nazism in the Ukraine and the US empire represents a modern form of fascism.

The idea of the fall or collapse of the DPRK is as we said above a long running but totally delusional  fantasy of the US imperialists and other reactionaries  which was first floated about 25 years ago and even some so-called experts tried to say this in the late 1980s . Well years have passed but the DPRK has not collapsed and is now going from strength to strength under the wise leadership of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN . Honest and impatrial visitors to the DPRK are impressed the fast changing appearance of Pyongyang with dozens and dozens of new buildings springing up . The idea of the 'fall ' of the DPRK is a day dream because the DPRK is based on the single hearted unity of the people around the leader and the Party . The DPRK is based on the Juche Idea and the Songun (military first ) idea and has an independent national economy . There can be no such thing as collapse . As a matter of fact those former socialist countries that 'collapsed ' did so because their leadership's betrayed them after decades of the corroding effects of modern revisionism. The DPRK is not the old Soviet Union or Eatern Europe nor is Libya , Iraq or Yugoslavia , the imperialists and idiots like Jake Smith should come to know this  !

Of course the US imperialists and the south Korea puppets and other reactionary forces such as Japan , the EU are all working to overthrow the DPRK and its supreme leadership  by overt and covert means . They are now sitting doing nothing or "watching " but working actively to destory the DPRK by all kind of means The so-called "human rights" campaign  is a central plank in this . Covert means include ideological and cultural infitration by imperialism and also sending into the DPRK numerous spies and agents of influence often disguised as 'missionaries'  or under the guise of promoting  'exchange ' and 'co-operation ' . Howeve hard they try  the reactionaries will face defeat in the face of the steel-like unity of the socialist system based on the Juche Idea . The DPRK has also defied the attempts of big powers to impose their will on it . A neighbouring country  tried to put pressure on the DPRK to "reform " and "open up " but guided by the Juche idea, the spirit of self-reliance and Songun  the DPRK firmly rebuffed this nonsense . Moreover it defeated the attempt of the modern factionalist group to overthrow the socialist system.
                                                It is ridiculous to assert as the film does that the world (by this it means the imperialist countries ) are just standing back and watching when in fact all the time they are working to undermine the DPRK and are carrying out military exercises such as Ulji Freedom Guardian which is currently taking place as well continually threatening the DPRK with nuclear weapons to say nothing of the tightened sanctions and blockade against the DPRK! Clearly the sinsister purpose of the film is to pyschologically prepare the population of countries such as  the US and UK for the idea of so-called "humanitarian intervention " in the DPRK  , a miltary invasion of the DPRK to topple the socialist system and establish a colony of imperialism in the northern half of Korea . The world has seen in Iraq , Libya and Yugoslavia what these humanitarian interventions mean and where they led .
Much of the film appears to be based on the lies of so-called "defectors " like Ms Yeomi Park who has been exposed repeatedly as a liar and a very dubious and immoral young woman .  Park claims she up every morning to see dead bodies floating in the River ! . This is disputed by one Felix Abt , a Swiss businesman involved in economic co-operation with the DPRK who was staying in the DPRK in the 1990s . Abt is a capitalist businessman and not a communist or socialist and not an advocate of the Juche Idea . We had a delegation visiting the DPRK in June 1996 and did not see any starvation or famine but would of course agree with Mr Abt that the claim about bodies floating in rivers is false , a big Whopping lie basically. When we were in the DPRK in 1996 we saw the big Chonchon-gang river in the north of the DPRK and there were certainly no bodies floating in it ! . Lets go deeper into this : why would dead bodies be floating in the river anyway . Surely if there were mass deaths from starvation (or from diseases caused by malnutrition) then the bodies would have been put into mortuaries or into mass graves . It would be unlikely for dead bodies to be put into rivers because it could contaminate the water supply . Does Ms Park mean that people were tipping the dead bodies of their relatives into the water or people died and simply toppled into the water . Science is extremely incovenient for Ms Park,' as a general rule, a cadaver in the water starts to sink as soon as the air in its lungs is replaced with water. Onc Another defector Shin Dong Hyuk(aka Scumbag Shin ) freely admitted his story, "Escape from Camp 14 " was inaccurate .

One final question remains just who is "Jake Smith " . No one had heard of him before this film was made . Apparently he is a British expat living in south Korea . Clearly Smith has close ties with the south Korean puppet ruling authorites and has obviously worked with the south Korean National Intelligence Service behind the scenes. As south Korea is such a fascist country  no progressive or anti-fascist person would be allowed to live in south Korea . The website for the film " While  They Watched " is full of links to far right anti-DPRK organisations . It is probable that Smith has been offered a big sum of money by the south Korean puppets and  other benefits to make the film which in many ways is simply a rehash or montage of south Korean and imperialist propaganda.  This has proved to an easy way to fame for the unknown Smith who no doubt is living a parasitic life in south Korea on the payroll of the south Korean puppet NIS and the CIA !

We call on all progressive people to boycott the film if it is shown in the UK and declare it will be a target of our the struggle of our organisations.


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