Thursday, 13 August 2015

KCNA Commentary Accuses S. Korean Regime of Pulling up DPRK over Fixing of New Standard Time

   Pyongyang, August 13 (KCNA) -- A decree was promulgated by the DPRK to retrieve the standard time of the country that had been deprived by the Japanese imperialists and to name it Pyongyang time on the occasion of the 70th anniversaries of Korea's liberation and the Japanese imperialists' defeat. This is a great event in the history of the Korean nation as it is of great significance in completely eradicating the leftovers of the Japanese imperialists in all fabrics of social life.
    However, a litany of odd rigmaroles is heard from south Korea over the fixing of the new standard time.
    Chief Executive Park Geun Hye of south Korea, at a meeting of chief secretaries of Chongwadae, pulled up the DPRK over its plan to reset the standard time, talking rubbish that "the north goes against the efforts for north-south cooperation and peaceful reunification by separating even time zone and it is to freeze division." A spokesman for the south Korean puppet Ministry of Unification grumbled about "the north's unilateral change of the standard time against international practice."
    This is no more than a hysteric fit of those hell-bent on escalating confrontation with the compatriots in the north and sycophancy toward Japan, and an unpardonable politically-motivated provocation against the DPRK.
    Explicitly, the issue of resetting the standard time is a matter pertaining to the right of a sovereign state and a universally accepted practice. All the countries in the world have their own standard times.
    As known to everybody, Korea was deprived of its standard time by the Japanese imperialists that pursued a policy of exterminating the Korean nation.
    After cooking up the "Ulsa (1905) Five-point Treaty" through undisguised threat and blackmail and conspiratorial methods backed by aggressor forces, the Japanese imperialists worked out a scenario for gradually depriving Korea of its standard time and put it into practice.
    As a tentative measure, they made sure that all the Japanese government offices in Seoul including their "residency-general" used from June 2, 1906 the Japan standard time at 135 degrees east longitude as the standard meridian, which is 30 minutes faster than the Korean standard time at 127 degrees and 30 minutes east longitude as the standard meridian that had been used by them.
    On Nov. 16, 1911, the Japanese imperialists and the "government-general" in Korea released "notice No. 338", which forced Koreans to use from January 1, 1912 the "standard time" of Japan instead of the Korean standard time.
    The Japanese imperialists' moves to disallow the use of the Korean standard time were prompted by their sinister intention to more smoothly enforce their colonial rule over Korea and reduce all Koreans to their permanent slaves.
    This not withstanding, Park Geun Hye talked rubbish about the north's re-fixing of the standard time, a disclosure of the true colors of her family as the one of pro-Japanese lackeys.
    Standard time had once been changed in south Korea with the Korean peninsula as a standard. But it was again replaced by the time fixed by the Japanese imperialists in the past after Park Chung-Hee came to power.
    Park Chung-Hee, who swore his allegiance in blood before Samurais, took the lead in realizing their "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" and threw away even the national standard time. Her daughter Park Geun Hye is desperately disturbing the righteous action to retrieve the national standard time, shielding her father. Both of them are thrice-cursed traitors.
    It is a shame on the nation and tragedy that such pro-U.S., pro-Japanese lackeys as Park Geun Hye are still allowed to make a mockery of the dignity of the nation.
    The Park group is bound to be sternly punished by history as it is keen on treachery, indifferent to the dignity and interests of the nation. -

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