Friday, 21 August 2015

KPA's Ultimatum Is Not Just Warning: KCNA Commentary

 Pyongyang, August 21 (KCNA) -- The worst touch-and-go situation was created on the Korean Peninsula.
    The warlike developments such as crossfire, broadcasting for psychological warfare and scattering of leaflets in peace time throw into uneasiness Northeast Asia including the peninsula.
    What is the cause and who spearheads it?
    Now the world attention is focused on large-scale Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military drills being staged by the U.S. and south Korean puppet forces on the peninsula.
    Due to the exercises, typical north-targeted nuclear test war drill for making preemptive nuclear strike at the DPRK, the sky, the land and seas of south Korea turned into theatres of war maneuvers for invading the north.
    Timed to coincide with this, the south Korean puppet forces totally resumed the broadcasting for "psychological warfare against the north" under the pretext of the suspicious "mine explosion" that occurred in the demilitarized zone in the western sector of the front on August 4, forcibly linking the case with the DPRK.
    The puppet military gangsters continue the said broadcasting day and night on the whole front and, at the same time, are carrying out the "operation of scattering leaflets toward the north" with the mobilization of wicked reactionary organizations.
    Those acts have recently become more intensified than the past period in their scale and frequency to reach the extreme phase which can not be overlooked any longer.
    The resumption of the broadcasting on the front is a wanton violation of the north-south military agreements, a grave military provocation against the DPRK and a crucial case pushing the inter-Korean relations to the worst phase.
    What should not be overlooked is that the puppet military warmongers fired 36 shells at KPA civil police posts under the pretext that the KPA fired one shell at the south side in the central western sector of the front on August 20.
    The Park Geun Hye group is escalating confrontation with the fellow countrymen in parallel with the broadcasting for psychological warfare while conducting the large-scale joint military maneuvers with the U.S. This means an undisguised advance into the state of war for aggression.
    An emergency enlarged meeting of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea was convened and the supreme commander of the Korean People's Army issued an order to cope with the prevailing dangerous situation. This is a historic measure to frustrate the vicious politically-motivated military provocation of the hostile forces aimed at undermining the political idea and social system of the DPRK, overturning its political power and putting all its territory under their control.
    The army and people of the DPRK are hardening the strong will of retaliation upon the order of the KPA supreme commander.
    The DPRK army is full of surging indignation at the puppet military's provocative saber-rattling and is high in the spirit of annihilating the enemy with its guns leveled at the means for psychological warfare, ready to completely destroy them through immediate military action.
    The ultimatum issued by the General Staff of the Korean People's Army that a strong military action would be launched at once unless the south Korean puppet forces stop the anti-DPRK broadcasting for psychological warfare and remove all psywar means within 48 hours is not just a mere warning.
    The U.S. and the south Korean puppet forces should not act rashly just like a puppy knowing no fear of the tiger, but clearly understand the will of retaliation of the angered army of the DPRK and behave with discretion.
    Those who pushed the situation to a catastrophic phase are bound to meet merciless retaliation. -0-

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