Friday, 21 August 2015

The DPRK will be steadfast

Morning . It looks like KCNA has been taken down by the enemy side once again. I would urge people to ignore reports from the south Korean and Western media as most of them are just lies or inaccurate rumours some of them very wild indeed. It looks like the insane and stupid woman Park Geun Hye , the south Korean puppet boss , is hell bent on a mad provocation against the DPRK in order to avenge her father Park Chung Hee who was actually shot by his own side on orders from the Americans as he become a liability to them (see the film the "President's Last Bang " - which is not exactly progressive but gives you a good idea of what went on ) .Park Geun Hye is a political and ideological prostitute  totally dependent on her Yankee master.  The DPRK guided by the spirit of independence, the spirit of Juche will win I am sure that Juche Korea, Peoples Korea will be steadfast under Marshal KIM JONG UN and will smash the provocations of the south Korean puppet

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