Saturday, 15 August 2015


By David Muñoz de Castro.
Dear comrades and friends,
70 years ago the Korean People led by the Great Leader President Kim Il Sung demostrate that any Imperialist colonialism can`t defeat the independence revolutionary struggle of a organiced People.
The Great Leader President Kim Il Sung father of the independent and socialist Korea achieved unite one people exploited by the imperialism, and also create an organiced vanguard communist movement  in Korea against the old factionalism and opportunist communist movement.
President Kim Il Sung demonstrated how a group of peasants and workers together that started infiltrating in the Japanese camps to steal weapons,  became in July of 1930 the Korean Revolutionary Army, which for 20 years they released the struggle for independence. Their unity and struggle served as a great example for revolutionary movements around the world and in the international communist movement.
The Korean people are still achieving great victories from the revolutionary struggle for independence and sovereignty against imperialism and for the constuction of socialism hoisting high the revolutionary cause of Juche and Songun being the most independent, sovereign and anti-imperialist country in the world taking out the struggle for the reunification of motherland against the South Korea fascist and puppet regime of US Imperialism wich are maintaining One People and families divided , and with a decadent capitalist society wich creates more and more unemployment, repression, privatization and social inequalities.
The continuous victories of the people of Korea led by the Great leaders generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il have been possible thanks to the ideological prioritization in all fields. Only with this is possible to build a socialist society in the correct way towards the communist society.
The Korean Revolution and the eternal revolutionary cause of the Juche serving as an example to the other peoples of the world. The people of Korea led by the Workers Party of Korea and the Great Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un is the vanguard of the world's proletariat.
Our friendship, struggle and solidarity with the DPRK and the study of the Revolutionary Juche Idea is a duty that we need to intesificate and teach making the ideological formation a priority in this days that we can see how the socialism is the only way for build a new Mankind.
I take this opportunity to congratulate the 12st aniversary of the fundation of the Asociation of the Study of Songun Politics in UK one of the first organization that study the Songun Politics.
David Muñoz de Castro.

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