Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Park Geun Hye Should Be Buried in Cemetery as Soon as Possible: Spokesman for DPRK Organization

   Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Joint National Organization of Working People issued a statement on Wednesday denouncing Park Geun Hye, a trouble-maker of the nation, for spitting out venoms in her "address marking August 15".
    She said in an address the north must follow the change of the international community, the statement noted, and went on:
    What she uttered is nothing but sophism of a person without elementary faculty of judging her fellow countrymen.
    What should be changed is none other than south Korea, a colony of the U.S. as it has to serve and follow the U.S. whether it likes or not, and Park Geun Hye as she is steeped in confrontation with fellow countrymen to the marrow of her bones.
    What all the Koreans want and expect is to wipe out sycophants and traitors such as Park from the members of the nation to the last one.
    Park also cried out for "purge". Purge is an essential means for the puppet forces to prop up their regime as they resort to repression and bestial suppression.
    Park grumbled that the north is "wrecking peace and going against south-north integration" while not responding to the "proposal for dialogue".
    If she had been sincere in her proposal for dialogue, she would have buckled down to creating an atmosphere for it.
    From the outset of the year, Park and her group, however, have escalated confrontation totally going against the resumption of dialogue.
    This time, she trumpeted about the inviolable nuclear issue of the DPRK once again. Not only all the Koreans but the world public regards the DPRK's nuclear deterrence as a treasured sword for protecting the peace of the country and security of the nation.
    Only Park is denying this universally accepted truth.
    She vociferated about the trite "north's deed" peppered with intrigues and fabrications. She unhesitatingly said that the north is "threatening security" through "cyber attack".
    She wagged her venomous tongue to let loose a spate of invectives such as "provocation and threat" and to say the north will "invite isolation and ruin by itself".
    It is Park who does not know even the conception of provocation and threat.
    Though belatedly, she should study the conceptions of provocation and threat and acknowledge herself to have been a chieftain committing provocation and threat on this land.
    She talked rubbish that "an opportunity is being given now", trumpeting about the July 4 joint statement.
    We would like to ask Park who dared talk about the July 4 joint statement.
    Does she sympathize with the principle of independence that calls for settling all the issues arising between the north and the south, large and small, from the stand of attaching importance and giving priority to the nation without dependence on foreign forces and free from their interference?
    Does she approve the principle of peaceful reunification that reflects the patriotic spirit of protecting the living place of fellow countrymen from war disaster and guaranteeing the co-prosperity of the nation?
    Has she willingness to accept the spirit of By Our Nation Itself and the principle of great national unity, which is the nation's mode of existence the key point of which is that division leads to ruin and reunification to powerful nation, and engine of improving north-south relations?
    If she stands before the solemn questions of all Koreans, she will get ablush as she has so far become all the more hysteric going against all of them.
    Resentful is that she talked crafty venoms as if she were interested in settling the issue of "separated families" which had already gone bankrupt. Lurking behind this is her ill purpose to calm down the people's mindset against her self-opinionated and shameless unpopular rule.
    This time, she talked nonsense that she would create "world ecology peace park" in the Demilitarized Zone to make it a "new axis for realizing cooperation".
    Nonsensical is her call for creating the "peace park" in the biggest hotspot in the world, where the worst confrontation persists and a war may break out any moment.
    She also made all kinds of spurious remarks.
    Explicitly speaking once again, she should set right the bad situation in south Korea before caring for and discussing the life of someone.
    No matter how glittering make-up she may put, it is too late to prevent the foul smell from reeking off from her body interwoven with sycophancy, treachery, confrontation and hostility.
    What she should do for the nation is to leave Chongwadae, the doghouse of the U.S., shut her unshapely mouth and get her crime-ridden body buried in the ceremony at an early date. -0-

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