Tuesday, 30 March 2021

The Offender Attempts to Judge the Victim

 Recently some Western countries have been insisting that the “north Korean human rights issue” should be treated by the United Nations Security Council.

In retrospect, the UNSC discussed the DPRK’s “human rights issue” and passed “human rights resolutions” against it every year from 2014. However, since 2018 it has failed to put the agenda item itself up on the table as the permanent member nations failed to reach consensus. Unhappy with this situation, those who are hostile towards the country are kicking up a fuss.

In fact, it is not the “human rights issue of north Korea” but the human rights atrocities of the US and other western countries against it that must be brought to the UNSC.

They have resorted to sanctions and blockade against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea since its nascent years, simply because it had chosen the road of socialism, the road of independence. During the Korean war (1950~1953) they used even germ weapons, massacred a large number of civilians and reduced the country to ashes. After the ceasefire, they continued hostility and intensified sanctions, at the same time as ceaselessly threatening it with nuclear war. Their hostile policy persisted even after the cold war had come to an end, and got extreme when the DPRK possessed self-defensive nuclear deterrent in response to the increasing nuclear threats by the hostile forces.

Data show that the damage inflicted upon the country by the US from September 1945 to 2005 amounted to USD 64 959.854 billion.

The current sanctions and blockade against it are human rights atrocities untold in human history. The hostile forces are blocking its humanitarian activities, not to mention its normal trade with other countries.

In spite of this, the Western countries are desperately trying to internationalize the “north Korean human rights issue,” which is truly the case of a thief crying for thief. Their real intention is to cover their human rights crimes by branding the DPRK, the, th victim of their violations, as the accused at all costs and, still further, execute their plans to isolate socialist Korea from the international community and stifle it by whatever means.

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